Monday 18 November 2019

DutchNews podcast – The We Know What Otten Did Last Summer Edition – Week 35

Plant in wine bottle in office setting

Photo: wikipedia

The podcast team look back over a summer of blistering heat and bristling with ophef: who poisoned the plants in Thierry Baudet’s office? Why does Haarlem have a problem with globetrotters? And was the king wise to come out as a redbeard? We also look at how Amsterdam became a paradise for cocaine dealers, why the Labour party has done a U-turn on student funding and Ronald Koeman’s return to Hamburg 31 years after he wiped the floor with the Germans.

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Top story

‘Narcostate’ warning after new report reveals depth of Amsterdam’s cocaine trade


Haarlem aims to attract a better class of tourist

Labour party changes course on student funding as universities return


Vitesse top Eredivisie after late penalty win

Verstappen admits poor start contributed to early exit in Belgium

Discussion: Komkommertijd revisited

Rotterdam beats Maastricht for rights to host Eurovision 2020

Feature: eight alternative Dutch venues for Eurovision

Temperature hits new record high of 40.4 degrees

Henk Otten formally accuses Forum voor Democratie of libel

July heatwave caused 400 extra deaths, says CBS

Mayor Femke Halsema attacks blanket coverage of teenage son’s arrest

King’s new beard will not appear on stamps and coins (

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