Friday 30 October 2020

'Covid app sends 10,000 warnings a day'

The Dutch government’s coronavirus warning app, which alerts users if they have spent 15 minutes close to someone who tests positive for the virus, is sending out some 10,000 warnings a day, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday. However, the health ministry’s chief information officer Ron Roozendaal, who is in charge of the app, told the broadcaster than in some cases warnings are being sent when users were further away than the official 1.5 metres distance. ‘In most cases, the app... More >

VVD consolidates lead in latest poll

Prime minister Mark Rutte’s right-wing Liberal VVD remains by far the biggest party in the latest poll of polls, an amalgam of three leading opinion polls. If there were a general election tomorrow the VVD would win 39 to 45 seats in the 150 seat parliament, double that of its nearest rival, the far right PVV lead by Geert Wilders, which is on 18 to 22 seats. Translated into percentages, the VVD has the support of up to 28% of... More >

Sleep pill could aid sub-comatose patients

Thousands of patients worldwide who seem unresponsive after brain injuries could be helped by an experimental study in the Netherlands which achieved miraculous results using a sleeping pill. Richard, a patient in long-term nursing care in The Hague, apparently had no capacity to voluntarily move or speak after choking on a piece of meat aged 29. But two years later, in 2012, his new treating physician and academic researcher Willemijn van Erp suspected there was more going on. With the agreement of his... More >

Office conversions create new homes

Last year, 12,500 new homes were created in empty schools, office blocks and retail spaces, according to new figures from national statistics office CBS. The number of transformation projects contributed 13% of the 71,000 unit growth in the country’s housing stock last year. Almost half of the new homes were in converted offices and 9% had been created in former industrial spaces. Most of the properties were owned by the private sector and will be rented out for over €737... More >

IDFA invites audience to look beyond Covid

When the 33rd International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam kicks off on the 18th November, it will be very different from previous editions, artistic director Orwa Nyrabia told a news conference on Wednesday afternoon. The festival, which can be attended both physically and online, ‘has an extra value this year’, Nyrabia said. ‘It is a journey that we believe takes us beyond the overwhelming immediate moment; One that reminds us that – despite the pandemic – there is so much more... More >

Pumpkin sales up, celebrations squashed

Dutch pumpkin growers are seeing a peak in demand in the run up to Halloween but the Dutch are eating more of them year round as well, reports. There are some 364 pumpkin producers in the Netherlands with 900 hectares between them, according to researchers at Wageningen University. One hectare is good for a crop of some 25,000 pumpkins. Pumpkin producer Jeroen Robbers, owner of De Terp Pompoenen, told the pumpkin has become more mainstream ever since it... More >

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