Tuesday 17 May 2022

Operator sick, busy commuter tunnel shut

The infrastructure ministry’s roads department closed a busy tunnel on the A4 motorway for a time on Monday morning because no one was available to monitor traffic. The Kethel tunnel near Schiedam was shut because the operator who monitors traffic flows had called in sick, as did his replacement, the ministry said. ‘If there is no one to keep an eye on what is happening, or to close the tunnel if there is an accident, then we have to shut... More >

Dutch tourist dies in Majorca cliff jump

The foreign affairs ministry has confirmed that a Dutch tourist was killed after he jumped off a cliff while on holiday on the holiday island of Majorca. The 31-year-old from Arnhem was killed in a ‘sad accident’, the ministry told news website Nu.nl on Friday. The man had climbed a 25-metre high cliff on one of the offshore Malgrats islands with the aim of jumping into the sea, but hits rocks instead. The accident was filmed by his partner who... More >

Utrecht turns tables on wolf whistlers

Men walking around the centre of Utrecht on Friday afternoon will be shouted and hissed at by a woman on a computer screen, as part of a campaign to combat street harassment. The council hopes the campaign, which will take place around the Stadhuisbrug from 3pm to 5pm, will highlight how unpleasant been hissed or shouted at can be. The computer comments will begin in a friendly tone, but become nastier and more threatening. ‘We hope this campaign will make... More >

Red Cross intervenes in refugee crisis

The Red Cross set up tents next to the overcrowded Ter Apel refugee reception centre on Wednesday night in an effort to head off the repeat of Tuesday’s scenes, in which dozens of people were left sleeping in fields because the location was full. In the event the tents were not needed because the Groningen safety board had arranged emergency accommodation for 100 people in Heerenveen, and the Red Cross took care of the transport. It is a ‘low point’... More >