Wednesday 12 August 2020

Ad falls flat: Coca-Cola to remove 'inappropriate' Amsterdam tourism banner

Ad falls flat: Coca-Cola to remove 'inappropriate' Amsterdam tourism banner

Coca-Cola has told the Parool it is going to remove a large pro-tourism advertising banner from scaffolding on the Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam, after a storm of criticism from locals. The banner reads ‘I will never again say: there are too many tourists in my city’, a slogan which has not gone down well with residents’ organisations and some local politicians, now that tourists are returning in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. Gertrude van de Ven of local residents... More >

Storms cause local floods and tree damage

Insurance company Interpolis said on Wedneday it had received over 80 reports of damage caused by Tuesday evening’s storms in Limburg. Most of the reports concern water damage and the total continues to go up,  a spokesman told local news website 1Limburg. Thunderstorms swept over the south and central parts of the Netherlands on Tuesday evening, bringing localised flooding and damaging trees. More storms are forecast for Wednesday evening as the heatwave continues into its seventh day. Gisteren namiddag, avond... More >

Killer heatwaves are getting hotter

Models used to predict the weather are ‘totally underestimating the trend of ever hotter heatwaves,’ weather bureau KNMI has said. The current heatwave, accompanied by exceptionally warm nights, will last for an unprecedented seven or eight days and is the first of its kind in the Netherlands. ‘Heatwaves have been getting more extreme over the last three years. But I had not expected one as extreme as this and it is worrying we did not see it coming,’ KNMI climate... More >

Refugees demonstrate for speedy procedures

A number of asylum seeker from the Midde East and Africa staged a demonstration in Wageningen on Tuesday in support of their campaign to have their cases processed more quickly. Holding placards, one reading ‘No one leaves their house unless the home is the mouth of shark’, the group of about 50 people called on the immigration service IND to take action. Iranian asylum seeker HD said he has been waiting for two years for an interview date, after first... More >

Man and boy drown at Rotterdam lake

A 25-year-old man and a seven-year-old boy have died in separate drowning accidents at a popular swimming lake near Rotterdam. The man died on Monday evening after leaving the part of the Zevenhuizerplas which had been marked off for safe swimming. Efforts to revive him at the scene failed, safety board officials said. A few hours earlier, the boy had to be rescued after he too left the safe area. According to some reports, he may have been under the... More >

Yestertink: Beatles on Dam glockenspiel

Ready for a musical interlude? For the next few weeks Dam Square will be the backdrop to a number of glockenspiel concerts for Amsterdammers and the odd brave tourist. The glockenspiel, in the tower of the palace, was installed in 1663 and people came in their thousands to listen to the concerts at Christmas and Easter. No such crowds can be accommodated now, for obvious reasons, but you can have a say which of your favourite songs will be rendered... More >