Wednesday 23 June 2021

NL condemns Hungary's anti LGBTIQ laws

The Netherlands is one of 13 EU countries which have drawn up and signed a statement condemning new anti LGBTIQ legislation in Hungary, describing it as a ‘flagrant form of discrimination based on sexual orientation’. The amendments to existing laws covering child abuse, media law, public education and protecting families, ban portraying people other than heterosexuals in books, films and other media for the under 18s. ‘Inclusion, human dignity and equality are core values of our European Union, and we... More >

Man accused of abusing seven children

A 34-year-old man from the staunchly Protestant town of Bunschoten is facing charges of sexually abusing seven children, the public prosecution department said on Tuesday. The man was arrested at the end of December on suspicion of abusing two children from within his ‘personal sphere’ but five other charges have now been added, the department said. All the victims, both boys and girls, are under the age of 12. Three of them may have been abused by the man when... More >

Mountain bike injuries soared in 2020

The Dutch cycling association NTFU is introducing a system to signpost the difficulty of mountain and trail bike routes in the Netherlands, in an effort to stem a surge in injuries. According to research by safety group VeiligheidNL, the number of mountain bike injuries soared by 68% last year, compared with 2019, and that this is not only due to the increased popularity of the sport. To make it clear what level of difficulty each route has, the NTFU is... More >

Storms uproot trees, bring down pylons

Friday afternoon and evening’s storms caused damage and flash flooding as they moved northwards across the Netherlands. In Leersum, east of Utrecht, nine people were injured when a whirlwind hit the village and two had to be taken to hospital. ‘It was crazy,’ local Ronald Steunebrink told RTV Utrecht. ‘Windows banged open, hail came inside and the wind tore through the house.’ The wind brought down dozens of trees, pulling up cabled as it did so, and causing gas leaks... More >