Tuesday 07 April 2020

Bikers, cyclists face corona measures

Local councils are taking steps to stop groups of motorbike riders and cyclists from using small country roads over the coming Easter weekend and German police will also stop large groups crossing into the Netherlands in border areas, RTL Nieuws reported on Tuesday. Last weekend it was so busy on the roads in some places that walkers and recreational cyclists were not able to keep to the 1.5 metre rule, Hubert Bruls, head of the regional public safety association told... More >

'Accidental Americans' may face bank ban

People who ‘accidentally’ have dual Dutch American nationality face losing their Dutch bank accounts because the American consulate which issues the requisite social security number is closed because of coronavirus, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Monday. So-called ‘accidental’ Americans who acquired the American nationality because they were born there but have no ties to the country, are required by law to provide their Dutch banks with a social security number. The banks must then hand this information over to the... More >

Local authority charges rise 5% on 2019

Costs for home owners have risen by an average of 5% this year, according to new research by the local government economic research centre at Groningen University. Home owners are paying an average of €776 in local authority taxes and other fees this year – although there are very wide variations. OZB – a tax only paid by home owners – now averages €295, a rise of 4.7% on 2019, the Coelo institute said.  OZB is based on the value... More >

Coronavirus hospital admissions slow

The official death toll from coronavirus rose by 164 overnight to 1,651, according to the Saturday update from public health institute RIVM. The number of hospital admissions rose by 336, a clear drop on recent days. In total, 6,622 people have been or are still hospitalised with the disease. Some 16,627 people have tested positive, a rise of under 1,000 on Friday. The government plans to ramp up testing in the coming days. The number of people being treated in... More >

Stay home despite the sun, officials say

Parks, nature reserves, beaches and woods are being closed of all over the country to stop large crowds turning up during this weekend’s spring weather. On Saturday the temperature is forecast to hit 15 degrees, but on Sunday summer temperatures of 19 degrees and higher are likely, weather forecasters say. In some places in the countryside, access is being restricted by closing off car parks. In others, officials are keeping a close watch on how many people make use of... More >