Sunday 19 January 2020

52 'cold cases' in new police calendar

A new Dutch police calendar listing 52 unsolved crimes will now be distributed in psychiatric prison institutes, according to the NOS broadcaster. The calendar of ‘cold cases’ – created for the fourth year – is being sent to the tbs clinics for the first time in an attempt to solve cases from a dead baby found in the rubbish in Utrecht in 2006 to the death of HIV-positive sex worker Judit Nyari, whose body was found in woods in Dronten... More >

Rare mushrooms spring up after fire

A fire at the national park Drents-Friese Wold has resulted in a number of rare mushroom species springing up, public broadcaster NOS reports. In 2018 some 75 hectares of the reserve went up in flames leaving burned soil and charred wood on which a number of rare species thrive. After looking for the mushrooms for a year and a half researchers have so far come across the violet fairy cup (Peziza sepiatra), the fungus Pyronema Omphalodes, which has no common... More >

Fake bomb left outside kosher restaurant

The suspicious package left outside a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam, sparking a major security scare, did not contain explosives, police confirmed on Wednesday afternoon. The Amstelveenseweg was sealed off and locals urged to leave the area while explosives experts checked out the box, which was lightly sealed with tape and had a wire sticking out. It had been placed by the main door of the kosher eatery, which was not open at the time. The HaCarmel first hit the headlines... More >