Tuesday 27 October 2020

Birdwatchers flock to Texel to spot warbler on first visit to NL

Birdwatchers flock to Texel to spot warbler on first visit to NL

Hundreds of birdwatchers have been flocking to the Wadden Sea island of Texel hoping to catch sight of an unprepossessing small bird – which has never been spotted in the Netherlands before. The Blackpoll warbler has been seen in a graveyard in the far north of the island, having crossed the Atlantic from Canadian and American forests on its way to warmer climes. The Blackpoll warbler is thought to be the only small bird that can travel such long distances... More >

Moped user helmet plan faces delays

Transport minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has said she will not publish plans to make helmets compulsory for all moped users until next spring, making it impossible for the legislation to be passed before the March general election. MPs had called for helmets to be made compulsory, on the basis of doctors’ recommendations, but Van Nieuwenhuizen’s party, the right-wing VVD, is opposed. The minister has denied claims that she has been delaying the plan by saying ‘unexpected issues’ had cropped up.... More >

Dutch WWII film gets December launch

A Dutch film about the Battle of the Scheldt, considered to be a turning point in World War II, will get a Christmas cinema launch after all, the makers have told the AD. Levitate Film hopes De Slag om de Schelde will be shown on at least 250 screens across the country during the winter holidays, the AD said.  De Slag om de Schelde cost €14.5m to produce, and is one of the most expensive Dutch films ever. During the... More >

Former Zuiderzee yields 'drowned' villages

A study of the north-eastern part of the Noordoostpolder – an area of reclaimed land north east of Amsterdam – has yielded the approximate locations of four lost medieval peat islands. Sources from the early Middle Ages mention four settlements thought to have originated in the 10th and 11th centuries when people started to farm what was then an area of peat soil. So far it was never clear where these might have been. In the late Middle Ages part... More >

Police send home 300 guests from rave

Police broke up several illegal parties on Saturday night, the biggest of which was held on a building site near Hilversum where some 300 people attended. Organised events at which the guests are not seated have been banned under the partial lockdown imposed earlier this month. At least a dozen police cars were sent to the location, close to a railway line, to break up the rave at around 2am. Two people – the DJ and a woman who kicked... More >

Weekend coronavirus cases show slight drop

A total of 18,880 new coronavirus cases were reported to the public health institute RIVM this weekend, after a computer problem stopped officials collecting an accurate figure on Saturday. On Saturday, the RIVM said it had been notified of 8,669 positive tests, but that the figures were incomplete due to IT issues. At least some of the missing tests were incorporated into Sunday’s figure of 10,211, the RIVM said. On Friday, the number of newly-notified cases topped 10,000 for the... More >

Hunt for pet deer escaped into nature rese

A group of spotted deer which escaped from someone’s garden into a nature reserve in 2018 is once again being hunted, reports the Noordhollands Dagblad. The deer, originally a group of five kept as pets, managed to escape and wandered a kilometre to the Noordhollands Duinresrevaat. Since then, there have been various sightings, including of two dead animals and at least one calf. However, the exotic animals which originally come from East Asia are considered unwelcome in the wild here... More >