Sunday 29 November 2020

Jihadi bride heads back to Holland: AD

One of the Netherlands most notorious jihadi brides is on the point of returning to the Netherlands after managing to make her way to the Dutch embassy in Turkey with her son, the AD said on Friday. Angela B, a Dutch convert, is said to have recruited other young women to go to Syria. She left the Netherlands at the age of 19 in 2014, and married a Portuguese jihadi who was later killed, before marrying again. The AD says... More >

Protected areas full of toxic chemicals

German-Dutch research to be presented on Friday has shown the presence of a ‘cocktail’ of chemicals in eight protected areas of countryside in Drenthe and 14 in Gelderland. The mix of dozens of different pesticides and weed killers, including traces of the banned pesticide DDT, is linked to a disastrous decline in insect populations. The researchers reported similar findings for Germany. ‘One substance may be more prevalent than another but the situation in all areas is the same. They are... More >

Christmas groups a major worry: RIVM

The head of public health institute RIVM has told a television current affairs show that he expects Christmas will celebrated in small groups this year. ‘For the past two weeks, the infection rate has been falling slightly, but is stagnating,’ Jaap van Dissel told Nieuwsuur. ‘This means healthcare services are still being hard hit. And although there has been a drop in the number of hospital patients, it is still very slow and difficult.’ By next spring, however, when vaccinations... More >

Coronavirus hit south particularly hard

One in six people who died in the Netherlands between March and the end of June this year had coronavirus, national statistics agency CBS said on Thursday. But the impact of the virus was much stronger in the south of the country, where it first took hold, and in one part of Brabant one in three deaths were coronavirus related, the CBS said. In general, the coronavirus related death rate was eight times higher in the south than in the... More >

Pay gap between men and woman unchanged

The pay gap between men and women remained virtually unchanged between 2016 and 2018, national statistics agency CBS said in its latest two-yearly report. The CBS focused on both the civil service and private sector. It found that the pay gap among civil servants was 5% in 2016 and had gone down to 4% in 2018. However, in the private sector the difference in earnings remained 7%. The figures were corrected for a variety of factors which impact income including... More >