Sunday 17 January 2021

Coronavirus slashes burglary rate, but boosts noisy neighbour complaints

Coronavirus slashes burglary rate, but boosts noisy neighbour complaints

Last year’s crime figures have been strongly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, with fewer home break-ins and more online criminality, according to new police figures. The number of burglaries at private homes fell by 23% and number of reported pick-pocketing offences fell by almost 50%, police said in a review of the year in crime. However, being confined more to home did lead to a sharp rise in noise and nuisance complaints. The police were called to almost 145,000 incidents... More >

Childcare benefits: the victims speak

Kristie Rongen says she is a pitbull who bites and won’t let go. This 45-year-old from Lelystad is one of 20 families who have started a court case accusing five senior politicians of criminal negligence for their role in failing to prevent a childcare benefits scandal that has driven thousands to financial ruin. She believes and hopes that the repercussions mean that today the cabinet will fall. ‘What we parents want is that Rutte steps down and doesn’t come back,’... More >

Light snow forecast for Saturday

The Netherlands is in for a light dusting of snow at the weekend but it is not expected to last long, weather forecasters have said. It will definitely snow on Saturday in the whole of the Netherlands, weather forecaster said, with the eastern part of the country expected to come in for some three centimetres of snow. On Sunday the snow will have turned to sludge as temperatures rise, putting an end to the current cold spell, NOS weatherman... More >

Rotterdam tops welfare benefit claims list

The number of people claiming welfare benefits rose for the first time since 2017 last year, as the coronavirus crisis hits people without permanent contracts in particular, according to a new analysis by national statistics agency CBS. The CBS looked at welfare benefits over the past 20 years and found that for the past 12, Rotterdam has had more claims per head of the population than any other town or city. By mid 2020, 68 people per 1,000 residents in... More >