Friday 23 April 2021

Highest ever number of euthanasia procedures in 2020

Highest ever number of euthanasia procedures in 2020

There were more euthanasia procedures than ever before in 2020, according to a new report. The RTE Regional Euthanasia Review Committees, which each year analyse all deaths by euthanasia and test whether strict criteria have been met, reported 6,938 procedures. All but two of these were judged to have met the six legal requirements, which include that someone has carefully thought over the request and makes it freely, and is suffering unbearably with no other reasonable prospect of relief. The... More >

Dutch producers in for potential Oscar win

It may be another year without a Dutch nomination for best foreign language film at the Oscars but Dutch production companies were involved with no fewer than three of the current candidates, the Parool reports. The Bosnian contender Quo vadis, Aida directed by Jasmila Žbanić, the Danish film Another Round by Thomas Vinterberg and the Chilean documentary The Mole Agent by Maite Alberdi are all in the race for next Sunday’s top prize and all were co-produced by a Dutch... More >

Dutch museum pilot opening 'malfunction'

Dutch pilot testing to allow access to museums and cultural events has run into problems in its first week after scores of people are thought not to have received emails with their test results. At the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam on Friday morning, at least two people were turned away because they had not received emails with the results of a fast test. A telephone number for Lead Healthcare, which was running tests in various locations, had a waiting time of... More >

National slavery archive goes online

The Dutch national archive has put almost two million documents and drawings online which relate to the Netherlands’ slavery past after an eight-year project to preserve and digitalise them. The documents cover a variety of companies involved in the slave trade and include lost documents about Fort Elmina on the coast of what is now Ghana, which was a central point in the trade of enslaved peoples. Part of this archive resurfaced in London during the digitalization process. The documents... More >

Most children say they are in good health

The overwhelming majority of Dutch children and young adults consider their health to be good or very good, and little has changed in that respect for several years. However, the number of youngsters considered to be overweight has gone up from 16% to 18%, national statistics agency CBS said in its least health and lifestyle review, which was published on Friday. Young adults are most likely to be overweight – one in four now weigh more than considered to be... More >

MPs back plan to lift the curfew

MPs have thrown their weight behind the government’s plans to relax some of the coronavirus rules from April 28. A majority gave the green light to the plan to allow pavement cafes limited opening hours from next week, and to end the curfew which was introduced on January 23. Not all parties were in agreement. The Labour party (PvdA) had called on the government to delay the changes, citing the rise in hospital admissions and the concerns of healthcare professionals.... More >

Next cabinet must invest in traffic safety

The next cabinet will have to invest billions of euros in traffic safety if it is to comply with the European goal of halving the number of traffic deaths by 2030, the traffic safety coalition has said. The coalition, made up of motoring organisation ANWB, traffic safety organisation Veilig Verkeer Nederland and victim support groups, is calling for concrete measures to make roads and cycle paths safer. It also wants to promote better policing of mobile phone and drug use... More >

Aggressive buzzard causes havoc in Drenthe

Walkers and joggers in Drenthe have been warned to watch out for an overprotective buzzard that has attacked several people in recent weeks. The bird of prey is nesting near Sluisvierweg and the Oranjekanaal in Emmen and reacts aggressively to passers-by who come too close, the local council said. In most cases the buzzard swoops down low over people’s heads to scare them off, but some victims have been left with scratch wounds in the head and neck. The municipality... More >

Deportation centres aren't working: report

Locking up people who have been refused residency permits for the Netherlands rarely encourages them to return home, government advisors said in a new report on Thursday. In 2019, just 15% of the people who were put in secure housing left the Netherlands voluntarily, the ACVZ, which advises on issues relating to foreign nationals, said. Between 2015 and 2019, 12,522 people were detained pending deportation because they were not given residency rights. The detention centres were first established in 2015.... More >