Tuesday 23 July 2019

Ajax drawn PAOK in Champions League

Amsterdam football club Ajax will meet Greek team PAOK Saloniki in the third qualifying round for this season’s Champions League competition. The first match will take place on August 6 or 7 away, with the return home leg a week later. The two sides last met three years ago, also in the third qualifying round, when Ajax progressed further in the competition. PAOK, like Ajax, was league champion last season. PSV Eindhoven, runner up in last season’s Dutch league, first... More >

Plan to reform early widowhood benefits

People whose partners die before they reach their pension age could receive up five years’ worth of their salary under proposed reforms to widows’ benefits, the Volkskrant reports. Unions and employers are considering changes to the system to prevent people suffering financially if their partners die while still working. The current ANW benefit only takes into account a person’s service with their most recent employer. The Volkskrant said the plan would allow partners of people who die young to claim... More >

Wooden pole with Roman marker found

Excavations carried out in preparation for work on the Rijnland Route motorway have yielded more treasure in the shape of a wooden pole bearing the Roman inscription COH II CR, Zuid Holland provincial council said at the weekend. In September last year a 125 metre stretch of Roman road was uncovered and since then archaeologists have extracted 470 wooden poles, none of which were similarly marked. The excavation site is part of the Roman Limes which is the ancient northern... More >

VVD dominates list of mayoral hopefuls

Supporters of the right-wing Liberal party VVD are more likely than anyone else to apply for mayoral jobs  – and to get them, according to research by local government news website Binnenlands Bestuur. Since the beginning of this year, 826 people have applied for 40 different mayoral jobs and, of those whose political preference could be identified, 87 were VVD supporters. The Christian Democrats had at least 65 applicants and the Labour party (PvdA) 48. Of the 35 mayors who... More >

Police database has 2.2 million photos

A database used by the Dutch police for facial recognition technology currently includes 1.3 million people and 2.2 million photos, according to research by Vice. A photo is added to the database if someone is suspected of committing a crime with a jail sentence of at least four years attached. ‘It is a bizarre number’, Lotte Houwing of privacy lobby group Bits of Freedom told the website. As yet, there is no real debate in the Netherlands about facial recognition... More >

Cabinet accepts Srebrenia liability ruling

The Dutch cabinet has acknowledged its partial liability for the death of 350 men and boys during the Srebrenica massacre, following last week’s court hearing. ‘It is a good thing that there is now clarify,’ defence minister Ank Bijleveld said in a short statement. ‘We would once again like to express our condolences to the relatives of the victims. The Srebrenica genocide should never be forgotten.’ Last Friday the Dutch supreme court said Dutch UN troops were wrong to send... More >

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