Sunday 05 July 2020

Dutch class action group takes fire at Mercedes for emissions fraud

Dutch class action group takes fire at Mercedes for emissions fraud

A Dutch mass claim foundation which is suing Volkswagen for manipulating emissions tests is now turning its attention to Daimler. The foundation has filed papers with the Amsterdam court claiming that the newest Mercedes diesel cars contain software to hide the true extent of their emissions, which are so high as to break EU rules. Two Dutch car import companies and 21 dealerships are also included in the summons. The Netherlands introduced new legislation making mass claims of this sort... More >

Mayor, minister in anti-racism demo row

There was an online row between Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema and justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus about Monday’s anti-racism demonstration in Amsterdam, where social distancing rules were broken on a major scale, Whatsapp messages show. Halsema has accused Grapperhaus of ‘leaving her in the cold’ after appearing to deny he had supported her decision not to break up the demonstration, even though more than 5,000 people had packed onto the Dam in the centre of the capital. An exchange of Whatsapp... More >

Sports schools may open in July after all

Fitness clubs and wellness centres, sports club canteens and casinos will be able to open on July 1 rather than September 1, if the Netherlands manages to keep coronavirus under control, prime minister Mark Rutte told a short press conference on Wednesday evening. ‘But the entire package will only go ahead if there is room to do so, and if we continue to keep to the social distancing rules,’ Rutte said. The decision to bring forward the opening of sports... More >

Wear a mask if you want to: Dutch PM

There is nothing to stop people wearing face masks if they want to but there are risks attached if they use them wrongly, prime minister Mark Rutte said at his weekly press conference on Friday. Pressure has been mounting on the Dutch government to make the use of masks compulsory in confined spaces, but so far officials insist that their use should be confined to medical staff. The government’s advisory team is currently assessing the situation and will make recommendations... More >

Fewer new homes will be built this year

Despite the housing crisis, the number of new homes being built in the Netherlands will fall 5% this year, according to a new report by the construction sector economic institute EIB. This year and next, fewer homes will be built than in 2019, despite the government’s commitment to expanding the housing stock. The downturn is due to the nitrogen compound pollution crisis, which has halted a number of building projects, the EIB said. In addition, the organisation said, the measures... More >

What laws are changing in 2020

As usual in the Netherlands, the start of a new year means plenty of changes in terms of taxation, employment and other legislation. Here’s what you need to know: Income tax The tax system is being cut from three to two tax bands. Earnings up to €68,507 will be taxed at 37.35%, while earnings over that limit will be taxed at 49.5%. The tax credit on work and the general tax credit applied to everyone in work are also going... More >

Pollution tops young adult worry list

Environmental pollution is by far the biggest problem facing the Netherlands, according to new research on the big political issues according to young Dutch adults. In total, 45% of 18 to 25-year-olds think pollution is a major, or very major problem, the national statistics office CBS said. This is almost in line with the views of older adults – 48% of them say pollution is a big issue. In other areas, youngsters had more differing views. Crime is considered a... More >