Friday 27 January 2023

Protests over climate activists' arrests on incitement charges

Protests over climate activists' arrests on incitement charges

The arrest of six climate activists on charges of incitement are a further indication of the erosion of the right to demonstrate, left wing MPs and environmental groups said on Friday. The six were picked up on Thursday morning after urging people to blockade the Utrechtsebaan in The Hague on Saturday afternoon. They were released on Thursday afternoon but banned from approaching the A12 thoroughfare. The public prosecution department has described the arrests as justified because the planned action would... More >

Dutch base jumper killed in Switzerland

Dutch base jumper Jarno Cordia has died after leaping from a platform above a sheer cliff in Switzerland and hitting the rocks several times. His sister placed a message on Facebook reporting the death. ‘The New Year began so beautifully with a jump into the deep in his beloved Swiss,’ she wrote. ‘It was his last.’ Cordia, 44, is said to be an experienced base jumper. He wore a wingsuit, with webbing between arms and legs so he could glide... More >

Energy firms struggle to cope with calls

Energy companies are struggling to deal with customer inquiries following the introduction of the price ceiling for gas and electricity on January 1, the AD reported on Wednesday. Customers are complaining about long waits to get answers to questions and about IT problems which have left them unable to monitor their energy usage or report their meter readings at the start of the year, the paper said. The problems are particularly acute for customers without smart meters or who have... More >

Big lottery wins in Amersfoort, Heemskerk

This year’s postcode lottery prize of €58.9 million has been won by households in the centre of Heemskerk, including two men who were both widowed in 2022, RTL Nieuws said on Monday. Cees, 76, and Leo, 86, are friends and neighbours and were married for 51 and 63 years. They win €2.8 million and €2.6 million respectively. Half the big prize goes to people living in winning postcode area 1961GB and the rest will be divided between people living in... More >