Sunday 29 March 2020

Dutch schools maybe shut for longer, pending research results

Dutch schools maybe shut for longer, pending research results

It is likely that schools will remain shut past the April 6 deadline, education minister Arie Slob told television talk show Op1 on Tuesday night. The minister wants to wait for the results of a research project looking at the role of young children in spreading coronavirus before re-opening schools, which were closed from March 16. The project was started by public health institute RIVM on Tuesday. Slob said he expected to hear from the RIVM on Wednesday how long... More >

Students lose internships due to corona

Tens of thousands of students are thought to be sitting at home instead of taking up their planned internships, reports RTL Nieuws. But vocational training institutions where work experience forms a vital part of the study say that their students cannot progress without it. ‘For our students who are training to work in hospitality, internships all stopped on Sunday,’ spokeswoman Els van Riel of ROC in Twente reportedly said. Peter Scheffer, of Hogeschool Inholland, added that students studying tourism or... More >

Group 9 primary school tests cancelled

There will be no year 8 tests at Dutch primary schools this year because of coronavirus, education minister Arie Slob has confirmed. By scrapping the exams, teachers will have more time to organise and introduce home schooling, Slob said in a briefing. ‘We are asking a lot of our teachers at the moment and they are using all their creativity to ensure children still get an education,’ he said. ‘That is the priority for schools.’ Children will now be allocated... More >

Medicial specialists: schools must close

Pressure is mounting on the Dutch government to close schools, cafes and restaurants, and all but essential shops, to stem the spread of coronavirus and reduce cross-border movement. Ministers are due to meet officials from the Dutch federation of medical specialists on Sunday afternoon after the organisation called on the government to close all schools and daycare centres. The government has been adamant that schools remain open so that healthcare workers can continue to do their jobs, but the decision... More >

Minority MBO students struggle to get work

School leavers with vocational qualifications are continuing to experience discrimination when they look for work, according to new research. SEO Economisch Onderzoek found that students with an MBO diploma were around 20% less likely to have found a job within a year of graduation. The organisation said that discrimination by employers was likely to be a factor, along with family circumstances and students’ choice of course. Girls with Antillean or Aruban origins experienced the biggest discrepancy, with just 57.7% finding... More >