Sunday 22 May 2022

Action needed on school skills: inspectors

Action needs to be taken to reverse the decline in Dutch educational standards, particularly language and arithmetic, school inspectors say in a new report. The trend needs to be reversed, the inspectors say, because a growing number of pupils are leaving school without proper skills. At a primary school level, arithmetic is a particular problem, at secondary school maths and reading skills are lagging behind. Countries such as Sweden and Ireland have reversed a decline in educational standards by focusing... More >

Schools warned over parental contributions

Many schools are breaking the law by demanding contributions from parents for summer trips and other extra services without making clear they are voluntary. The law was changed last year to make it illegal for schools to exclude children from excursions because their parents had not paid their dues. The average annual contribution is €57 but some schools ask for as much as €600 to fund overseas trips or bilingual classes which are not financed by government. A survey of... More >

Colleges alarmed about non attendance

Vocational schools and colleges are warning that students are not returning to the classroom despite the end to coronavirus measures, the Parool reports. Exact figures are not available but the attendance sheets paint a worrying picture, Christien van Dinten of the ROC vocational training group, told the paper. ‘Students are finding it hard to go to school, they are less interested, and if they do come they are less enthusiastic.’ Some students are not ready to take the step to... More >

'Voluntary' contributions still compulsory

Some primary and secondary schools are still excluding children from school trips or other activities if their parents have not paid the voluntary contribution, despite a change in the law, the NRC reports. The paper bases the claim on reports by Leergeld Nederland, an organisation aimed at preventing the social exclusion of children whose parents cannot afford to pay for school activities, such as trips abroad. Since August 2021 state schools have to include all children in the activities they... More >