Saturday 15 August 2020

Housing issues for students in lockdown

Conflicts between international students and their landlords have increased sharply since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Dutch national students’ union. The Housing Hotline, an advisory service for international students, was contacted 480 times in the year to June 2020, compared to 180 times in the previous 12 months, its annual report found. Some students were evicted for non-payment of rent, despite the government issuing a ‘moral appeal’ to landlords not to make people homeless during lockdown... More >

Lottery for 7,000 student rooms

A major provider of student apartments is going to introduce a lottery system for rooms in Nijmegen and Arnhem, reports Trouw. SSH&, which has more than 19,000 rooms and homes in the Netherlands, told the paper that it is going to scrap waiting lists in these popular university towns. Instead, it will put its 6,500 rentals in Nijmegen and 500 in Arnhem in a lottery system – reducing waiting list times from up to six years. ‘The average student studies... More >

Sharp rise in teacher training students

The number of people signing up for full-time primary school teacher training college has gone up 11% this year to over 7,000 students. In addition, a further 2,200 people plan to start a part-time course, a rise of 15% on the last academic year intake, according to new figures from national teacher training association Lobo, Officials say the coronavirus crisis may have made the job of primary school teacher more visible, leading more people to consider teaching as a career.... More >

Dutch students stop plans to study abroad

Dutch students are cancelling or rethinking plans to spend part of their degree courses abroad because of the coronavirus crisis, according to figures from international education bureau Nuffic. One third of the 654 students questioned by Nuffic said they are delaying trips abroad, and half of students say they have changed their plans one way or another. Tens of thousands of Dutch students spend at least a few months studying abroad every year. ‘An international experience, where you physically cross... More >

Covid-19 causes primary school closure

A primary school in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam, has closed it doors until after the summer holidays because of a coronavirus outbreak. Two parents and one child are known to have the virus and two teachers are waiting at home for the results of a test. Last week a teacher, a parent and a pupil tested positive. ‘We would have preferred to keep the school open for the last few weeks, but we think safety should come first,’ Rien Wiegeraad, of... More >