Tuesday 26 January 2021

Primary school tests should go ahead, chief inspector tells the AD

Primary school tests should go ahead, chief inspector tells the AD

School inspectors say that the annual exams for children about to leave primary school should go ahead this year, despite the coronavirus crisis, otherwise it will be impossible to judge the impact of coronavirus on standards. Chief inspector Alida Oppers told the AD on Friday that the results will be lower than in previous years but that this is not a reason not to press ahead with them. ‘The results will show us where the shortcomings are and what can... More >

Boards warn about secondary school choice

School boards are urging teachers to give primary school children the benefit of the doubt when deciding what sort of secondary school they should go to, because of the additional disadvantages generated by coronavirus and the lockdown. Teachers are responsible for deciding what sort of follow up education children should have, and the PO-Raad says they should opt for the higher level if they are not sure which stream children should enter. Dutch children are streamed at the age of... More >

Worries remain for college students

Colleges and universities have been hit hard by the coronavirus measures but so far this has not affected student progress and educational quality, education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven has told MPs. However, the decline in student welfare, more pressure on teachers and lecturers, the lack of work experience places and practical training is cause for worry, the minister said in a letter about the consequences of coronavirus for education. Many students have trouble studying at home and are experiencing stress... More >

School coronavirus infections rise

Schools are now the fourth-most often reported source of coronavirus infections and the number of pupils picking up the virus is increasing, broadcaster NOS said on Tuesday. Schools have now overtaken nursing homes as a source of infection, figures from public health institute RIVM show. And with the decline in positive tests is stagnating, some experts are saying more needs to be done in schools. For example, paediatrician and epidemiologist Patrica Bruijning has suggested introducing class by class testing and... More >

Cabinet sets up coronavirus school fund

The education ministry is freeing up an extra  €210m for schools struggling with problems caused by the coronavirus crisis, such as lack of teaching and support staff. The money, which will become available from next year, is meant to alleviate increasing work pressure due to teachers having to go into quarantine and to prevent pupils from having to be sent home. The ministry admits that hiring extra qualified staff is already a challenge but said schools could turn to regional... More >

School closed after coronavirus outbreak

A secondary school in Amsterdam-West has closed its campus after 10 teachers and three students tested positive for coronavirus. The 750 pupils at the Cartesius Lyceum will follow classes online while the school building is cleaned and disinfected. It is expected to reopen on November 3. Head teacher Sandra Niemeijer told AT5 the decision was necessary to prevent the infection spreading further through the school. She added that it was unclear how the staff members, all of whom have mild... More >