Sunday 29 November 2020

Covid measures have not hit quality of college, university education - yet

Covid measures have not hit quality of college, university education - yet

Colleges and universities have been hit hard by the coronavirus measures but so far this has not affected student progress and educational quality, education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven has told MPs. However, the decline in student welfare, more pressure on teachers and lecturers, the lack of work experience places and practical training is cause for worry, the minister said in a letter about the consequences of coronavirus for education. Many students have trouble studying at home and are experiencing stress... More >

Cabinet sets up coronavirus school fund

The education ministry is freeing up an extra  €210m for schools struggling with problems caused by the coronavirus crisis, such as lack of teaching and support staff. The money, which will become available from next year, is meant to alleviate increasing work pressure due to teachers having to go into quarantine and to prevent pupils from having to be sent home. The ministry admits that hiring extra qualified staff is already a challenge but said schools could turn to regional... More >

School closed after coronavirus outbreak

A secondary school in Amsterdam-West has closed its campus after 10 teachers and three students tested positive for coronavirus. The 750 pupils at the Cartesius Lyceum will follow classes online while the school building is cleaned and disinfected. It is expected to reopen on November 3. Head teacher Sandra Niemeijer told AT5 the decision was necessary to prevent the infection spreading further through the school. She added that it was unclear how the staff members, all of whom have mild... More >

More students are staying at home

An increasing number of youngsters are turning their backs on formal student accommodation and remaining with their parents while attending college or university, new figures show. According to national monitor Kences, 55% of students now live at home, compared with 48% five years ago, the NRC reported on Thursday. ‘Students are leaving home later and this is mainly for financial reasons,’ said director Paul Tholenaars. Student grants were scrapped in 2015 and new students have to borrow more money to... More >