Saturday 19 June 2021

Students not hit hard by grant abolition

The number of students starting a bachelor’s degree has not gone down since the abolition of student grants in the Netherlands in 2015, but fewer students are signing up for a master’s degree straight away, new research shows. National statistics agency CBS tracked the behaviour of several hundred thousand students from 2014, the year before grants were abolished. That year, 85% of graduates started on a master’s degree immediately after completing a bachelor, but by 2018, that had gone down... More >

Parents mistrust free childcare: survey

Just over half of parents are in favour of free daycare for children, a survey by parents’ organisations Ouders& Onderwijs and the Stichting Voor Werkende Ouders has shown. Only 52% of the 46,653 respondents said they would support four days of free child care. Some 43% did not like for the idea at all while 5% had no opinion on the subject. ‘This outcome surprised us as well,’ Marjet Winsemius, director of Ouders& Onderwijs, told the AD. ‘We asked parents... More >

Extra lessons to help schools catch up

Teachers, schools and education experts have drawn up a list of suggestions which schools can choose from to make up for lost time caused by the coronavirus closures. The government said earlier it would spend €6bn on helping primary and secondary schools to catch up, and the list of options is meant to help schools decide what specific action to take. The ideas include increasing the school day, giving extra lessons to certain pupils and one on one sessions. Summer... More >

AFM says student debt should be listed

Student debts should be listed with the official debt registration agency BKR to make sure youngsters don’t over-reach themselves when taking out a mortgage, financial services watchdog AFM said on Thursday. Some 15% of first-time buyers do not tell their mortgage provider about the debt, which may mean that they go on to have trouble making the payments, the AFM said. Today’s students run up an average debt of around €21,000 by the time they graduate However, the move would... More >

Former prison opens doors to school kids

A former prison, which held members of the resistance during World War II and more recently housed Syrian refugees, opened its doors to almost 950 children on Wednesday – as the new home of the British School of Amsterdam. The building on Havenstraat, in the Oud-Zuid district, has allowed the privately run school to consolidate its facilities, once spread across three locations, into a single site. The school was founded in 1978. Work to expand and convert the building included... More >

Fast two-weekly self-tests for teachers

Teachers and support staff at primary and secondary schools are to be offered a twice-weekly fast coronavirus test from Monday, the education ministry has said. In total some 14 million self-test kits will be made available to schools until the summer holidays. The test will help prevent outbreaks in schools and locate them more quickly should they happen, the ministry said. Those who test positive will be prioritised for further testing at a local health centre. Use of the test... More >