Tuesday 20 August 2019

More people switch to teaching, training college applications soar

More people switch to teaching, training college applications soar

The number of people leaving the private sector to become primary school teachers has more than doubled compared with last year, according to new figures from the national teacher training institute. So far this year over 1,000 people with a college or university degree have signed up to train as a teacher after spending several years working in other professions. Last year, 450 people made the move. Nevertheless, there are still 3,500 unfilled vacancies at the Netherlands’ primary schools and... More >

Aspiring primary teachers fail entry test

Tough entry tests at primary school teacher training colleges are causing many students to fall at the first hurdle, the AD reports. The tests were introduced in 2014 for students whose school exams did not include subjects such as geography, history or nature and technology and are meant to improve the quality of the training. Students also have to show they are proficient in language and arithmetic. Over a quarter of the aspiring teachers failed the entry tests over the... More >

Requests for Islamic middle school refused

All 10 requests to open new Islamic secondary schools last year were reportedly turned down, according to figures from education body DUO. The NOS broadcaster says that the requests all came from four cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and they were refused because the applicants could not fulfil norms to show they would receive enough pupils. There is a legal minimum of 732 pupils to receive public funding for a school, and inspectors apparently judged whether the potential... More >