Thursday 08 December 2022

Mosques file complaint against education minister over 'radical' schools

Mosques file complaint against education minister over 'radical' schools

Education minister Dennis Wiersma has been accused of breaking the constitutional ban on discrimination with his plan to target Islamic weekend schools suspected of fostering radicalism. An organisation representing Islamic institutions in the Rotterdam area, SPIOR, has filed a police complaint against the minister after he said last month he wanted to authorise education inspectors to take action against schools that breached the rules. Wiersma acted in response to an investigation by NRC and Nieuwsuur in 2019 into Salafi mosques... More >

International student numbers face limits

Education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf has told MPs that he will come up with proposals to ‘manage’ international student numbers early next year, after putting the previous government’s plans on ice. The measures will include ‘language and the possible introduction of fixed numbers’ for non-Dutch courses’, Dijkgraaf said. ‘The availability of higher education for Dutch students is, and will remain, an important principle,’ he said. Earlier this week MPs from the ruling VVD and CDA called on Dijkgraaf to do more... More >

VVD wants action to limit foreign students

MPs from the right wing liberal VVD have called on education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf to do more to limit the number of international students coming to the Netherlands. Earlier this year Dijkgraaf put legislation which would have allowed universities and colleges to place limits on foreign students on ice, pending a review. But VVD MP Hatte van der Woude has told the AD she is concerned that not enough is being done. ‘The minister first wants to have a think... More >

Full time bonus trial for teachers

Schools minister Dennis Wiersma is planning to experiment with bonuses for teachers who shift from working three or four days a week to full time positions, the Telegraaf reported on Monday. MPs had earlier called on the cabinet to look into the idea of bonuses for new full timers in an effort to combat shortages in a variety of sectors. Wiersma told the paper in an interview that the shortage of teachers is urgent and that all options are now... More >

International students more likely to quit

International students are almost three times as likely as their Dutch counterparts to drop out in the first year of university, a study by the education ministry has found. The figures show 17% of first-year students from outside the Netherlands do not complete their first year, compared to 6% of Dutch students. A quarter of international students have not graduated after four years, against 9% of Dutch students. However, those who make it through the first year have a roughly... More >

Schools to find work experience jobs

Education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf wants to give trade schools (mbo) greater responsibility for finding internships for first year students in an effort to stop pupils with a minority background facing discrimination. Research shows that ethnic minority mbo students find it much harder to get a work experience place and are more often turned down after being invited for an interview. Students are responsible for finding their own internships. Dijkgraaf told MPs on Thursday he wants schools to play a more... More >