Thursday 04 June 2020

School canteens fear exodus as new healthy food guidelines are introduced

School canteens fear exodus as new healthy food guidelines are introduced

New criteria come into effect for school canteens in September, but catering companies fear the healthy eating rules will drive pupils to nearby snackbars, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Tuesday. The government’s food advisory agency Voedingscentrum and Jogg, a foundation to encourage health eating among the young, have drawn up new guidelines for school canteens which look at what teenagers put on bread, as well as the amount of fibre in the bread itself. Cheese and cold meats will still... More >

Secondary schools poised to reopen

Most secondary school pupils in the Netherlands will attend physical lessons just one day a week when high schools reopen on June 2, according to research. The secondary schools council VO Raad polled 400 head teachers and found a wide variation in plans. Some schools are only admitting pupils for meetings or tests, while a handful of schools are only allowing children from certain classes back. Most are opting for a mixture of meetings and lessons in school and online... More >

Teacher shortage worries schools

School heads are worried about the impact of the shortage of teachers when primary schools reopen fully again on June 8. Schools expect some of the 55,000 children who have stayed away since classes restarted earlier this month will now start attending school again, and this will further add to the problem. ‘We already had a shortage of primary school teachers and that is even more the case now,’ Ingrid Doornbos of the school heads association AVS said. Some 37%... More >

Islamic school tapped conversations: NRC

School inspectors’ conversations with pupils and teachers at Amsterdam’s only Islamic secondary school were secretly recorded during last year’s investigation into the school, the NRC said on Friday. The paper said four sources had either seen the taps or heard the recordings and that reporters had also been able to vouch for the authenticity of one recording themselves. The sources said the secret recordings, made in a room set aside by the school for meetings between inspectors and others, were... More >

€500m to help students overcome delays

The cabinet is setting aside an extra €500m to compensate students financially for delays they have experienced because of coronavirus crisis and to enable schools to offer summer school courses, the education ministry has announced. Despite extensive online learning programmes, many students have been missing out on practical training and residencies – particularly medical and vocational students. The ministry said that this means they will have to repeat part of their courses. All students who have to enrol for next... More >