Wednesday 20 November 2019

Traffic jams cost Dutch industry €1.4bn

Traffic jams cost Dutch industry a record €1.4bn last year, according to research by Panteia on behalf of the transport sector lobby TLN. The 2018 total is up 5.6% on 2017 and the biggest blackspot remains the daily jams on the A4 heading to The Hague, TLN said. ‘These figures should set off alarm bells in the cabinet,’ said chairwoman Elisabeth Post in a press release. ‘Jams continue to increase and some of the planned road improvements have been halted... More >

Essent takes over energy company Vandebron

Dutch energy sector market leader Essent is taking over green energy provider Vandebron, the two companies confirmed on Tuesday. Financial details were not disclosed. Vandebron, a niche player on the energy market, has some 200,000 customers and had always resisted being part of a larger group. ‘We want to make the switch to sustainable energy attractive to everyone and we need more scale to realise this,’ founder Matthijs Guichelaar said of the company’s change of heart. ‘We have always challenged... More >

Dutch economic growth to slow from 2022

The Dutch economy will grow more slowly between 2022 and 2025, the government’s forecast agency CPB said on Monday. In its first mid-term prognosis for the period, the CPB said growth would fall back a more modest 1.1%, as the size of the labour market shrinks.The forecast for 2018 to 2021 is 1.8%. As the population ages, strong demand in the healthcare sector will increase the number of people working in the care services by 2.1% a year, the CPB... More >

Crowdfunding platforms attract more money

Crowdfunding websites have raised more than €275m in the Netherlands so far this year – according to website Crowdfundmarkt. This is already €10m more than in 2018, with two months still to go. The research is based on projects listed on crowdfunding platforms which are registered with the Dutch financial services authority AFM. In total, almost 2,900 initiatives have brought in money this year, up over 1,000 on last year. Property-based crowdfunding projects have taken 18% of the total so... More >

Many questions remain about nitrogen plan

The cabinet’s plans to try to cut nitrogen-based pollution dominate the Dutch papers on Thursday, with many questioning whether the measures will have the desired effect. The government has been forced into action by a Council of State ruling six months ago, which said that the way the release of nitrogen was being calculated when assessing construction project licences was questionable, and conflicted with EU laws. As a result, thousands of building projects were put on hold, increasing the risk... More >