Tuesday 20 April 2021

Brazilian meat giant buys Dutch veggie burger market leader Vivera

Brazilian meat giant buys Dutch veggie burger market leader Vivera

Brazilian meat giant JBS is taking over Dutch meat replacement company Vivera for €341m. The Financieele Dagblad reported in February that the company was up for sale. Vivera has been making vegetarian burgers, sausages and mince since 1990 and its products are now sold in 25 European countries. The company has a workforce of 400. JBS is one of the biggest meat companies in the world with 245,000 workers worldwide, of whom 145,000 are in Brazil. The company said it... More >

Northern provinces call for new rail link

The four northern provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Flevoland have said they have the space to build an additional 220,000 homes in the coming years, but only if the railway infrastructure is improved. ‘In order to make the necessary contribution to housing stocks and to realise economic growth potential, excellent national, international and regional accessibility is essential,’ the provinces say in a plan for the next government. In particular the provinces are pushing for the development of the Lelylijn... More >

'Stop KVK publishing freelancers' details'

A group representing journalists, writers, film makers and artists has urged the Dutch government to implement a decision to stop the private details of freelancers from being publicly available. Writing in the NRC, the group including the heads of journalist union the NVJ and the Democracy & Media Foundation, say that there is increasing evidence that scientists, politicians, artists and opinion makers are being threatened because their private details are still open. Recently, the young writer Lale Gül’s home was... More >

Burial space costs have gone up

Burial space in the Netherlands has become more expensive again, according to new figures from funeral insurance company Monuta. In the Netherlands graves are usually ‘rented’ for a period of 20 years from the local authority. After that, unless the period is extended for a fee, the bodies are reburied in a communal grave. The costs for grave rights both in public cemeteries can differ greatly depending on the local councils, which set the rate. Monuta looked at the cost... More >

Headaches, nausea common near Tata Steel

Air quality in the area around the Tata Steel plant in IJmuiden is regularly poor and the local population has more acute health complaints – such as headaches, stinging eyes and nausea – than other parts of the Netherlands, according to new research by public health institute RIVM. The researchers compared the air quality around the plant with other parts of the Netherlands without heavy industry, and used information from local doctors to establish the extent of the problems. The... More >