Tuesday 07 April 2020

Police fine bus load of seasonal workers for not keeping 1.5 metres distance

Police fine bus load of seasonal workers for not keeping 1.5 metres distance

Limburg police have fined at least 30 seasonal workers who were travelling on a coach home from their jobs because they were not keeping the required 1.5 metres distance from each other. Police say they handed out fines to everyone on the bus, which was operated by local staffing agency Cova-Job. ‘All staffing agencies have been told that they must transport their people to work in a safe manner, and that means keeping a safe distance between them,’ police said... More >

Salary support scheme excludes start-ups

Local authorities on Monday opened job centre help desks for companies struggling to pay staff wages because of the coronacrisis shutdown as part of the government’s emergency fund scheme known as NOW. The scheme allows companies to claim up to 90% of their wage bills, depending on how hard their earnings have been hit. A company which has no turnover at all, for example, will be able to claim 90% of staff salaries. Those where earnings have halved can claim... More >

Jobs and companies will be lost: minister

Social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees, who is heading up the government’s €10bn effort to support companies and jobs during the corona crisis, has warned against naivety, saying people will still lose their jobs and companies will go bust. ‘This crisis is having a structural impact,’ he told the AD at the weekend. ‘The travel sector, aviation and hospitality industries are being dealt very heavy blows. Supermarkets and DIY stores are booming, the rest of the retail sector is not. And... More >

Cruise ships cleared to dock in Florida

Two cruise ships operated by the Holland America Line, and which have coronavirus on board, have been allowed to moor in the port of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the company said on Thursday evening. A Dutch tourist is one of four people to have died on board the MS Zaandam where dozens of passengers have been infected with coronavirus. Some 20 Dutch passengers are on board the two ships. The MS Zaandam and MS Rotterdam have been allowed to dock... More >

Dutch to phase out coal-fired electricity

The cabinet is to press ahead with plans to wind down electricity production at the three remaining Dutch coal-fired power stations in an effort to further cut carbon dioxide emissions, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday. Ministers will now start talks with Riverstone and RWE who own the plants – two on the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam and one in Eemshaven in Groningen, NOS said, without quoting sources. Closure of one power station is also an option, combined with scaling down the... More >