Friday 18 October 2019

French invester puts Roompot holiday parks up for sale for €1bn: FD

French invester puts Roompot holiday parks up for sale for €1bn: FD

French investment house PAI Partners is in the process of selling the Dutch holiday park group Roompot Vakanties for some €1bn, including debts, the Financieele Dagblad said on Friday. A sale would mean the company has changed hands for the third time in 10 years. PAI bought Roompot from Dutch investment house Gilde Buy Out Partners in mid 2016 for almost €600m. The sale process will start next year and there is considerable interest from other investment groups, sources close... More >

Dutch dance exports to hit €150m this year

Performances abroad by Dutch DJs are expected to generate €150m in exports this year and dance music now accounts for 75% of music exports, according to a new report by ING economists and radio station 538. The export value of the Dutch dance scene has tripled over the past five years, although growth is now levelling off, the researchers say. ‘Dutch djs have accounted for half or more of the top 10 DJs worldwide for the past seven years,’ the... More >

Farmers plan new protest near Utrecht

Transport ministry officials are warning motorists to avoid the motorway around Utrecht on Wednesday morning because of a new protest by farmers. Road works on the A12 will pose an added problem, officials said. Hundreds of farmers are expected to travel by tractor to Bilthoven on Wednesday morning to protest at the way the public health institute RIVM calculates calculates the level of nitrous oxide and other pollutants. They say the calculations are exaggerated or wrong and that they are... More >

FMO bank is financing land theft: Trouw

Dutch development bank FMO is financing projects in which land theft, intimidation and even murder come on board, Trouw reported on Tuesday. The bank, set up to stimulate economic growth in developing countries, is not doing enough to investigate the projects it supports, the paper’s researchers said. They claim at least seven projects financed by the FMO, or in which the FMO has a stake, have problems. FMO is involved in financing almost 800 projects worldwide. For example, FMO helped... More >

Farmers protest violence condemned

Farmer’s lobby group LTO Noord has told website that it will not suspend the farmers involved in a couple of violent incidents during Monday’s protests about nitrogen-based pollution. Convoys of tractors had converged on eight provincial government buildings on Monday in a coordinated protest about new limits imposed on farmers while national government decides how to tackle the problem. In Groningen, farmers used a tractor to break down the door to the provincial council offices. In a second, a... More >

Hellendoorn park gets new owner

Dutch amusement park Hellendoorn has been partly acquired by the Abu Dhabi royal family, after it and 14 other European parks were sold to the group’s management and state investment fund Mubadala, the Financieele Dagblad said at the weekend. The 15 parks, under the label of the Looping Group, were owned by Belgian and French investment funds and had combined turnover of €110m a year, the paper said. The new owners aim to make the parks more attractive by improving... More >