Monday 02 August 2021

Test for entry system is hardly used

The much criticized ‘test for entry’ system may be virtually dormant since clubs were closed again, but the 11 companies involved are notching up €1m a day between them for providing the service, the Volkskrant reported on Friday. Ministers ordered clubs to close and banned festivals on July 9 following the surge in coronavirus cases, with over 1,000 infections traced back to one event alone. The test for entry system is now only being used for seated events such as... More >

Cancer charity backs Tata Steel research

Dutch cancer charity KWF Kankerbestrijding is supporting the independent survey into Tata Steel and its impact on air quality set up by a group of local foundations and private individuals. ‘We have years of experience in this sort of scientific research and are happy to extend our network and expertise to support this initiative,’ director Johan van de Gronden told the AD. ‘Like residents, we too want to know what is behind the heightened risk of lung cancer in the... More >

Bijenkorf department store may be for sale

Dutch luxury department store group De Bijenkorf may be up for sale after a mystery buyer approached its Canadian owner, according to British media reports. The Bijenkorf has been part of the Selfridges Group, which is owned by Canadian investment house Wittington Investments, since 2011. The paper says the family owners have been approached about a deal, which could be worth up to €4.7bn. In the coming weeks, there will be an auction where a select group of interest parties... More >

Holiday parks are still on the rise

Holiday park company Roompot is taking over Landal GreenParks, stepping up its efforts to become European market leader but in the Netherlands, where its story began, ‘roompottisation’ is reaching its limits, the Volkskrant reported at the weekend. Born of the Socialist movement to celebrate the holidays among like-minded families in the 1920s and subsequently stimulated by the government to avoid random building of holiday homes on scarce land, Dutch holiday parks have long outgrown their humble origins. Roompot, which started... More >

Pension funds are in better shape

The five largest Dutch pension funds have sufficient assets to meet future obligations and will be able to avoid making cuts, according to figures released by the industry on Thursday. The funding ratios of the five largest Dutch pension funds are all above 100%. This is the ratio between the money a fund has to pay in future pension obligations and the value of the assets it currently controls. Civil servants fund ABP (the country’s largest), healthcare fund PFZW, building... More >