Sunday 22 May 2022

Amsterdam to slow super fast delivery

Amsterdam city council is planning to ban all fast delivery distribution centres from residential areas, apart from in exceptional situations. The distribution centres, known as dark stores because of their covered windows, are scattered all over the city so the companies can meet their pledge to deliver food and drink in a matter of minutes. The city has already placed a one year moratorium on new ‘dark stores’ and officials now say that in principle, they will no longer be... More >

21 pension funds can put up payments

At least 21 corporate pension schemes have increased their payments this year by 3% or more, the Financieele Dagblad said on Tuesday. The funds have more scope to raise the amount they pay out because their coverage ratios have improved, but they are still unable to match the rate of inflation. For example, Philips pensions are rising by 7.4%, ABN Amro’s by 6.4% and Shell’s by 5.7%, the paper said. Millions of corporate pensions have been frozen for the past... More >

KLM fined €40K for not refunding customers

National airline KLM has been fined €40,000 for failing to refund passengers who booked package holidays with bankrupt tour operator D-Reizen. The airline told customers who made bookings between 2019 and 2021 that they would have to reclaim the full cost of their holiday from their travel agent after D-Reizen went out of business in April 2021. The transport and environment inspectorate ILT said KLM was obliged to offered customers the option of their money back or an alternative flight,... More >

Three women on self-made millionaire list

Only three women feature in a new ranking of the richest 100 self-made young millionaires drawn up by business magazine Quote, all of them working in the world of fashion. The highest ranked woman, in 29th place, is Sharon Hilgers from Make My Jewellery, with an estimated worth of €45 million. Quote points out that unlike many of the men on the list, she owes her position to hard work rather than venture capitalists. Model Doutzen Kroes is in 46th... More >