Thursday 27 February 2020

A rose is a rose but taxes are different: Dutch growers dodge tax in Kenya

A rose is a rose but taxes are different: Dutch growers dodge tax in Kenya

Some Dutch rose growers who have moved to Kenya are paying a pittance in tax in the African country by using letterbox firms in the Netherlands and in tax havens, investigative journalism platform Investico has found. Investico, which bases its findings on information from the Kenyan chamber of commerce and the Panama Papers, looked at 32 international growers, 14 of whom use offshore constructions. One example cited by Investico is Oserian, one of the oldest Dutch rose growers in Kenya.... More >

Bar sales boost football club income

Local football clubs derive more of their income from their canteens than most other sports clubs, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday. In 2018, some 38% of football club cash came from their canteens but golf clubs, for example, were largely funded by membership fees. Just 5% of golf club funding came from the ’19th hole’. Tennis, hockey and rugby clubs also earned significant income from their bars and canteens, the CBS figures show. In total, the Netherlands... More >

Franchisees take Papa Johns to court

A number of current and former franchisees with the US pizza chain Papa Johns are taking the Dutch franchise company to court, arguing they have been misled by the organisation and are now thousands of euros in debt. The group, a total of 19 former and current franchisees, are attempting to sequester €4m in assets owned by the Papa John’s Nederland’ headquarters. The franchisees claim they were promised a ‘golden future’ with the company but say the terms and conditions... More >

Few problems at farmers' protest

Several thousand farmers took part in Wednesday’s demonstration in The Hague against government plans to tackle farm-related pollution, but the organisers’ target of 7,500 was not reached, broadcaster NOS reported. Police described the atmosphere as ‘peaceful’ even though the demonstration did cause considerable traffic problems in The Hague as hundreds of tractors drove into the city. But there was nothing like the chaos on the roads caused by last year’s demonstrations, when blocked motorways all over the country, police said.... More >