Tuesday 14 July 2020

Farmers Defence Force gives government ultimatum to change rules on animal feed

Farmers Defence Force gives government ultimatum to change rules on animal feed

The Farmers Defence Force protest group has apparently failed in its bid to give the government an ultimatum of July 21 to scrap its plan to reduce protein supplements for cattle. A government spokesman has told national broadcaster NOS that it has noted the ‘ultimatum’ but said that the emergency environmental protection law has been passed by both houses of parliament. In an attempt to reduce nitrogen-based emissions, the government has ruled that farmers should restrict extra protein given to... More >

ING to shut a quarter of bank branches

The ING and Rabobank are planning to reduce branch numbers more quickly, because the coronavirus crisis has sped up the adoption of online banking, reports the NOS. A quarter of ING’s 170 branches will be closed, and some of the 100 local Rabobanks which are currently shut are expected to stay this way. Ruud van Dusschoten, chief executive of ING Nederland told the broadcaster: ‘The corona crisis has accelerated the process of advancing digitisation. There are some offices where currently... More >

Science to decide on cow protein cuts

Agriculture minister Carola Schouten will let science have the last word in a conflict with farmers about temporarily reducing protein in animal feed as a way of cutting nitrogen-based pollution, broadcaster NOS reports. If, as farmers claim, the reduction of protein is harmful to cows’ health, she will reconsider and make changes to the measure, the minister said in a letter to MPs. The new rule, which was approved by parliament just before the summer recess on July 3, is... More >

Tractor ban in Groningen farmer protests

Farmers will not be allowed to use tractors at demonstrations in Groningen this week, a court has ruled. The Noord Nederland court found that tractors have caused dangerous situations, for example causing damage at the Eelde airport. However, the Farmers Defence Force, which had gone to court, is allowed to continue to demonstrate. According to the NOS, Mark van den Oever of the group told the court that tractors had a symbolic value for farmers. ‘It’s like taking the rainbow... More >

Ace & Tate wins €14m investment

Trendy Dutch eyewear company Ace & Tate has raised €14.25m in investment to fund its expansion across Europe. The company reports that it has seen growth of 60% in the past two years and turned its first operational profit in 2019, with revenues of €41m. It currently has 60 stores in 10 countries, and planned to open 15 more this year. One of its approaches is to offer internet-based sales options, such as the chance to order four frames to... More >

More women grab top jobs at 275 businesses

More women are occupying top positions in almost 60% of the companies that signed a charter to promote a greater female presence, according to figures from government agency Talent to the Top (TndT). The 275 companies including BAM, Essent, Heineken, Schiphol, universities and hospitals signed up to the charter in 2008. Some 58% employed more women in top positions in the last year, while 36% saw their number fall. In 6% of companies the number of women remained the same.... More >

€30m charger boost to shift e-cars

Despite the government, provinces and local councils announcing a €30m investment in a comprehensive network of electric car charging points, car buyers are still wary, Trouw reports. An estimated 1.7 million electric charging points will be needed to keep a projected 1.9 million electric vehicles moving by 2030. This is the target in order to meet limits for traffic pollution set out in the country’s climate accord. The new €30m will go towards choosing locations and preparing them for large-scale... More >

Farmers must leave tractors at home

Friesland has joined two other local safety boards in the Netherlands in banning farmers from using tractors in demonstrations in an effort to prevent traffic jams and dangerous situations. Drenthe and Groningen safety boards had already imposed a week-long ban following last weekend’s blockades by farmers protesting against the latest nitrogen rules, which are set to include a restriction of protein used in cattle feed. The demonstrations had not been registered in advance, the Friesland safety board said, which made... More >