Wednesday 30 November 2022

Dutch pig, dairy and chicken farms are getting bigger

Dutch pig, dairy and chicken farms are getting bigger

There are fewer livestock farming businesses in the Netherlands than there were 10 years ago but the number of animals on each farm has increased sharply as the sector consolidates, according to new figures from national statistics agency CBS. In total, poultry farms kept 98 million chickens this year, down two million on a year ago. But the number of farms has shrunk 20% over the past 10 years. Currently there are 1,711 farms in operation which specialize in chickens.... More >

Messagebird cuts its workforce by 31%

Amsterdam tech company Messagebird is slashing its workforce for the second time in a month, cutting the number of staff by a total of 31%. Chief executive Robert Vis told staff in an email on Tuesday that the company had increased the size of its workforce too quickly and had not integrated acqusitions quickly enough. ‘I alone made the mistakes leading up to this and I should have seen it coming earlier,’ he said. ‘More drastic measures’ need to be... More >

Eneco cuts domestic fuel rates in New Year

Energy firm Eneco is cutting its rates for electricity and gas from January 1, going against the trend of the largest Dutch providers Essent and Vattenfall. Eneco will charge 69 cents per unit (kWh) of electricity, making it the cheapest of the four largest suppliers, down from the current level of 84 cents. Gas prices will go down from €3.39 to €2.99 per cubic metre. Both rates are still far above the level of the energy price cap of €0.40... More >

Civil service pension fund ups payouts 12%

Civil service pension fund ABP has become the last of the big five funds to announce its payouts for next year – and has opted for an increase of almost 12%. ABP is the biggest pension fund in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in the world with €461 in assets under management at the end of October. Almost one million people in the Netherlands currently enjoy an ABP pension. ‘Hopefully this will ease the situation for our pensioners... More >

Farmers affected by water level measures

The cabinet is expected to present measures on Friday to boost ground water levels as part of a package to limit CO2 emissions and soil subsidence which will affect farmers in some places. Dried out peat bogs are a source of CO2, while the drought is also affecting hundreds of thousands of homes, particularly those built on wooden poles. However, the measures will be major headache for dairy farmers in the peat bog areas in the  Groene Hart south of... More >