Saturday 19 June 2021

Not the end of the assembly line: American start-up pulls Dutch car factory back from the brink

Not the end of the assembly line: American start-up pulls Dutch car factory back from the brink

VDL Nedcar in Born is going to build electric cars for new American car maker Canoo from next year. The order, which will run until 2028, comes a year before the end of the contract with BMW for which Nedcar builds Minis and BMWs. The new contract is ‘fantastic news for our workers in Born’, broadcaster NOS quoted director John van Soerland as saying. The future of Nedcar would have hung in the balance if Canoo, a Californian start up... More >

More animals die in factory farm fires

Animal rights organisations have again renewed their call for better fire safety on factory farms after two fires this month led to the death of thousands of animals. On Tuesday, 220 calves died in a fire in a factory farm in Elspeet, and last week, 4,600 pigs were killed in a fire in Nederweert in Limburg. ‘We have been saying for years that the measures taken are far too minimal,’ Animal Rights spokeswoman Kristel Grond told ‘We can talk... More >

Office space far from energy efficient

Just half of the offices used by the Dutch government meet official energy targets, even though by 2023, all office space in the country should have at least a C energy label, according to a new report by real estate advisory group Colliers. The Dutch state owns some 28% of the office space in the Netherlands via national and local government, the police and other government agencies, Colliers said. In particular smaller offices, such as police stations, so far fail... More >

Eneco to stop selling gas boilers in 2025

Dutch energy company Eneco is to stop selling stand alone gas boilers to private households in 2025 as part of efforts to become climate neutral by 2035. In addition, the company plans to close or refit its three large gas-fired power stations and invest more in renewable energy and city heating schemes, the company said on Tuesday. ‘We hope to be able to help our clients switch away from gas-fired central heating over the coming 15 years,’ chief executive As... More >

Motorways offer solar power potential

Motorway verges and central reservations are a significant potential source for solar energy, government roads department Rijkswaterstaat has told broadcaster NOS. The agency, which owns the spaces close to the roads, has calculated that solar panels could generate 1.2 to 4 terrawatt hours of electricity – enough for hundreds of thousands of households. The department is currently carrying out ten pilot projects to investigate if the land around the motorways is suitable for solar panels, for instance by measuring glare... More >

Coronavirus support open to fraud: NRC

The lack of checks on coronavirus support requests last year allowed fraudsters to get away with millions of euros, with little prospect of clawing back the cash, investigators with the public prosecution department have told the NRC. Marjolein Verwiel and Nelleke Klip are particularly critical of the TVL ruling, which allowed companies to claim help with paying their fixed costs. The government paid an advance, often running into tens of thousands of euros, based on information that companies filled in... More >

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