Speed cameras catch one million offenders on A2 and A12 last year

A fixed roadside speed cameraSpeed cameras measuring the average speed of motorists on parts of the A2 and A12 caught over one million motorists going faster than the permitted limit last year, according to justice ministry figures.

Some 650,000 drivers were caught speeding on the A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam, while 413,000 were flashed on the A12 near Utrecht. The third most lucrative route for speeding tickets was the A4 near Leidschendam.

In total, 2.1 million tickets were issued to cars caught in speed traps on Dutch motorways, a drop of 77,000 on the previous year.

With an average fine of almost €60, the speed traps delivered some €121m to the treasury, the justice ministry figures show.

The total number of fines for traffic offences issued last year reached 9.2 million, including speeding, jumping red lights, wrongful parking and driving while using a mobile phone.