Intensified campaign against the illegal trade in animals pays off

These toilet rolls were used to smuggle birds. Photo: NVWA

Officials have seized more illegally smuggled animals in the Netherlands after stepping up checks this autum, according to government figures and quoted by broadcaster NOS.

Between September 1 and November 5, officials found 59 suspect animal shipments. They included parcels containing pangolins which were being sent from Africa to Asia, 14,000 dead seahorses in a suitcase at Schiphol airport, crocodile skulls and a stuffed python.

Officials at Schiphol have also seized a polar bear skull, medicine made out of bear parts, live birds and live arapaima fish from the Amazon basin.

Ministry officials, customs officers,the police and food and product safety board have all been working with the police on tracking down more illegal shipments. Attention has focused on Schiphol airport, Rotterdam port and fairs and exhibition events.