Saturday 13 August 2022

NPO chair under police protection

The chairwoman of public broadcasting association NPO has been receiving threats and is now under police protection, a spokesperson for the organisation has confirmed. According to radio station BNR, the threats made against Frederieke Leeflang come from sympathisers of fledgling right-wing broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland. The NPO is not commenting on the origin of the threats. Ongehoord Nederland (Unheard Netherlands) started broadcasting in February. Since then the broadcaster has been repeatedly breaking journalistic guidelines by spreading patently false information without rectifying... More >

Zelenskyy addresses tech firms via TNW

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed The Next Web conference in Zaandam via augmented reality on Thursday, announcing a programme of ‘digital lend-lease’ in which Ukraine could be used to develop new technologies in return for financial and technological support. The scheme envisions tech firms developing new technologies in Ukraine to build a ‘new Ukraine together, free, brave, and digital,’ Zelenskyy said. ‘Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution, a chance for every technology company and a chance for... More >

Security services ordered to destroy data

Dutch security services AIVD and MIVD have been ordered to destroy a large amount of data from people who were not under investigation, but which was gathered during official hacks. Security service watchdog CTIVD said the security services had kept the information – in total five bulk data sets – for longer than allowed by law and that it should be removed from their systems. ‘The law states this information can be kept for 18 months but they have kept... More >

Apple changes dating app payment rules

The Dutch consumer and markets association ACM says Apple has now changed its unfair conditions, and will allow different methods of payment in Dutch dating apps, thereby meeting official requirements. Apple earlier failed to meet the agency’s requirement that it accept alternative payment systems by the March deadline and has been ordered to pay a € 50 million fine. The ACM told Apple last August it had to adjust its conditions for inclusion in the Dutch App Store so that... More >

Gorillas open to some dark store controls

Super fast delivery firm Gorillas is open to scrapping warehouses in residential-only areas, after complaints about nuisance and a crackdown by Amsterdam council. But Sadik Cevik, general manager Benelux, told the Micromobility Europe conference on Wednesday that the sector must be treated fairly by local regulators and can be a force for good. In the same way that many people do not want to live next door to a full-time holiday rental, he said, concern about ‘dark store’ warehouses can... More >

NVJ and providers challenge Russian TV ban

Internet providers and press freedom campaigners are to ask the European Court of Justice to overturn the ban on Russian-backed TV channels. The Dutch journalists’ union NVJ and organisations such as Bits of Freedom say the online blockade undermines democracy and the principle of net neutrality. EU governments agreed in March to ban cable channels RT and Sputnik across the region following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The channels are seen as a key component of Moscow’s effort to spread disinformation... More >