Friday 29 May 2020

Increase in WhatsApp fraud 'partly due to coronavirus crisis'

Increase in WhatsApp fraud 'partly due to coronavirus crisis'

The coronavirus crisis is partly to blame for a sharp increase of internet fraud over the last two months, particularly via the popular messaging site WhatsApp, fraud monitoring body Fraudehelpdesk has said. The total number of reports in April approached 15,000, compared to around 6,000 in December, January and February WhatsApp users in particular have been conned by fraudsters who hack the account and pose as friends or family members who urgently need money. Fraud involving fake e-mails from the... More >

Dutch court gives 5G the go ahead

Efforts by anti-5G campaigners to stop the nationwide roll-out of the faster telecommunications system in the Netherlands failed in court on Monday when judges ruled there was no reason to stop the process. The Dutch state is not acting unlawfully by auctioning off the 5G frequencies and, the court said, the state has also said it will intervene if new insights show there are health risks. The Stop5GNL campaign group argues that insufficient research had been done into the effects... More >

Telecoms mast fire believed to be arson

Police in Limburg are investigating the latest in a series of apparent arson attacks on telecoms masts. The mast in Roermond is the 28th to be damaged by fire since April 3. Three people have been arrested in connection with the attacks, which police believe are the work of anti-5G activists. The alarm was raised at around 1am on Monday. Police are investigating the incident as suspected arson but said the mast was not part of the 5G network. Vodafone... More >

Grandma loses court case over photographs

A grandmother from Gelderland has been ordered to remove photographs of her grandchildren from social media after the children’s mother went to court about the issue. The grandmother and her daughter had been estranged for a year, and when the daughter spotted photos of her children on her mother’s Facebook and Pinterest accounts, she called on her to take them down. Despite several appeals, the grandmother refused to do so, prompting her daughter turn to the courts. The grandmother asked... More >

300 drones create heart over Rotterdam

Studio Drift created a heart made up of drones above the waterway in central Rotterdam on Tuesday night, to celebrate 75 years since the end of World War II. The drone show was a special version of the studio’s Franchise Freedom performance, which uses over 300 drones in a combination of light and music. The Amsterdam-based studio was formed by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in 2007. Together with a multi-disciplinary team of 64, they work on experiential... More >

Dutch journalist part of NYT Pulitzer team

Dutch investigative journalist Christiaan Triebert (29) is one of a group of New York Times journalists who have been awarded a Pulitzer prize for a series of eight articles on Russia’s shadow war in Africa and the Middle East. The Visual Investigations team that Triebert was part of found evidence last year of Russian bombardments of Syrian hospitals and also proved that Russian pilots had opened fire on Syrian civilians. ‘This is such a major prize,’ Triebert told broadcaster NOS.... More >

Anti-5G activists in court to end roll-out

A group of anti-5G activists went to court on Monday in an effort to stop the nationwide roll-out of the faster telecommunications system. The group, Stop5GNL, argues that the government is taking a gamble by sanctioning the roll-out even though it has not been established that the technology does not form any risk to public health. ‘This is unethical. You do not gamble with the health of the public,’ lawyer Thom Beukers said during Monday’s hearing in The Hague. According... More >

Dutch police bust Whatsapp fraud ring

Dutch police have arrested 24 people in connection with an investigation into Whatsapp-based confidence tricks in which victims have lost some €75,000 in total. The group aged between 15 and 40 used the ‘friend in trouble’ fraud system – posing as the friend of someone and contacting them to say they needed cash in an emergency. The 40 victims, all of whom came from Deventer and its surroundings, were then asked to pay the cash into a bank account either... More >