Saturday 19 June 2021

Women's magazine VIVA to be axed after nearly 50 years

Women's magazine VIVA to be axed after nearly 50 years

Publishing group DPG Media is axing ground-breaking young women’s magazine VIVA after almost half a century because sales have fallen sharply. The final issue will be on the shelves on July 20 and its associated titles VIVAMama, and VIVA Forum will also disappear. VIVA started life in 1972 and became known for tackling feminist issues, like the glass ceiling and body image as well as running tests on sex toys. It famously featured a section called Anybody where ordinary... More >

Telecom agency sues solar panel maker

Dutch government telecom agency AT is taking an international manufacturer to court for producing faulty solar panels which can cause ‘serious disruption’ to the C2000 communications network used by police and emergency services. The AT has not published the name of the manufacturer  because of legal reasons but confirmed the case involves a ‘big international player’, said. The agency has received dozens of complaints from ambulance, police and fire brigade staff in the last year, it writes in its... More >

Dutch foundation sues TikTok

A Dutch foundation representing parents from around Europe is suing Chinese owned video platform TikTok for failing to protect the safety of children and breaching European advertising and privacy rules . Some 64,000 parents have registered claims with non-profit market information foundation SOMI to a combined amount of €1.4bn. SOMI maintains that the platform is failing to protect children from taking part in dangerous challenges. An Italian judge recently ruled TikTok must block users who have not confirmed they are... More >

EU plan to rein in big tech 'is too weak'

The Netherlands has joined France and Germany in calling on the EU to get tougher on big tech companies such as Facebook and Google. The three countries have signed a discussion document claiming that Brussels’ plans to limit European dependence on American tech companies and to invest in European alternatives do not go far enough. The three countries are proposing that all mergers and takeovers by companies such as Facebook and Google should be vetted by an EU monitoring body.... More >

Google and Apple rule govt app roost in NL

Government apps are only available to people who are Google and Apple clients excluding those who wish to use or offer alternatives and therefore promoting unfair competition, experts have told the Financieele Dagblad. Government online services, such as the tax office and social benefits agency UWV, can only be safely accessed by people who agree to the Google or Apple account terms and conditions. Those who don’t want to have to contend with a less safe environment or functionality or... More >