Tuesday 20 August 2019

Disney picks the Netherlands to launch Disney+ streaming in Europe

Disney picks the Netherlands to launch Disney+ streaming in Europe

The Disney group will launch its new streaming service Disney+ in the Netherlands as well as the US and Canada on November 12. The decision to opt for the Netherlands as the European launch pad is due to the good digital infrastructure and the fact the country is ‘tech savvy’ a spokesman said. The streaming service will also support virtually every device and operating system from day one, including iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast and others. The service will cost €7... More >

Tracking software invades privacy

DUO, the body in charge of student finance, has confirmed it infringed the privacy rules by placing tracking software in their communications to students, broadcaster NOS reports, following an earlier inquiry by the Volkskrant. The software shows whether or not a person has opened an email, something that could be used as proof, for instance, if a dispute ends up in court and a student denies having read an email from the organisation. Collecting data which can be linked to... More >

Siri users not anonymous: Nu.nl

The Dutch language conversations recorded via Apple’s digital assistant Siri which were analysed by a company to improve voice recognition could be coupled to specific users after all, although Apple suggested otherwise, website NU.nl reports. The GlobeTech analysts did not only have the audio fragments but could also pinpoint the location of the device at the moment the recordings were made. A list of names from the users’ address book, the exact time of the recording and an overview of... More >

Deloitte lose IT contract with government

The cabinet has cancelled a contract with Deloitte for failing to deliver on an IT project to facilitate the hiring of external staff, broadcaster NOS reports. Deloitte, which has already spent most of the €6m earmarked for the project, had been warned earlier for not making enough progress by the government monitoring agency BIT which keeps an eye on large ICT projects. At the time the agency cited insufficiently defined project costs and confusion over management and roles, and the... More >

'Dutch Siri recordings are being used'

People contracted to work for Apple were listening in to Dutch language conversations recorded via the company’s digital assistant Siri, website Nu.nl said on Friday. Last week the Guardian revealed that Apple contractors regularly hear confidential medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their job to provide quality control and improve Siri’s services. The work is carried out by Irish company GlobeTech, Nu.nl said. The website bases its information on a whistleblower statement and... More >