Monday 02 August 2021

Ministers agree to bring back working from home rule after MPs' criticism

Ministers agree to bring back working from home rule after MPs' criticism

People are once again being urged to work from home, and proper ventilation will be included in the basis coronavirus rules, following Wednesday’s stormy parliamentary debate on the surge in positive Covid cases. Working from home had been a key part of government policy to stop the virus spreading for over a year but was replaced two weeks ago by a 50% home working requirement. This is the second time the government has reversed a decision since deciding to let... More >

CDA board quits in wake of election report

The management board of the Christian Democrats resigned at the weekend in the wake of a highly critical review of the party’s poor performance in the general election in March. A committee headed by former home affairs minister Liesbeth Spies concluded that the CDA had lost its way and needed to reconnect with its core voters, particularly in younger generations. The party lost four of its 15 seats on March 17 and was plunged further into turmoil when popular MP... More >

Bye bye Binnenhof, as MPs move

The summer recess has begun but MPs and ministers and ministers will not be returning to their old haunts after the holidays, as extensive renovations to the government complex Binnenhof are about to kick off. Some may perhaps never see the inside of the government buildings again: the project is expected to last for over five years. It was parliamentary chairwoman Vera Bergkamp who turned off the lights for the last time late on Thursday, following the final day of... More >

Jihadi brides may be brought back

The Netherlands will not make a habit of bringing back its nationals who joined IS and are now in Syrian camps, but cannot rule out more women being repatriated, justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus told MPs on Thursday. ‘We look at it on a case-by-case basis,’ Grapperhaus said during a debate on the secret operation last month to bring back Gouda woman Ilham B and three children. She was repatriated because there was a risk she would not be prosecuted if... More >

Parties ponder upper donation limit

A majority of Dutch political parties are considering introducing an upper limit for donations, following recent allegations that major donors have tried to influence policy. Former CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt suggested that several major donors, including one who gave the party €1.2m, may have had an interest in the economic policy sketched out by CDA leader and finance minister Wopke Hoekstra. D66 received a donation of €1m from a Dutch tech millionaire to fight its election campaign. Such large donations... More >

Support for CDA falls in poll of polls

Support for the Christian Democrats (CDA) has plummeted in the wake of the row that led to the departure of Pieter Omtzigt, latest opinion polls show. The poll of polls (Peilingwijzer), compiled by academic Tom Louwerse, puts the CDA on between seven and 13 seats, or 5% to 8% of the vote. The party won 15 seats in the general election on March 17, losing four. The CDA has been in turmoil since an internal memo by Omtzigt was leaked... More >

No movement on coalition talks

The weekend’s crunch cabinet formation rethink has failed to produce any results and the six parties involved in the discussions are no nearer a solution, party leaders have told chief negotiator Mariette Hamer. VVD leader and prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters after meeting Hamer at the parliamentary complex that nothing had changed for him, despite a weekend of phone calls and hard thinking. Hamer had told the six parties – VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, PvdA and GroenLinks – to... More >