Wednesday 19 February 2020

CDA, D66 revive plans for 25,000 home Almere Pampus project

CDA, D66 revive plans for 25,000 home Almere Pampus project

A plan to build 25,000 affordable homes with a fast metro connection on reclaimed land near Almere will go some way to solving the Netherlands’ acute shortage of housing, according to the plan’s Liberal democrat and Christian Democrat backers. The Almere Pampus project was first mooted years ago but shelved in 2013 until at least 2025. Now D66 and the CDA say it should be revived as part of effort to build some 300,000 new homes. ‘It is a great... More >

Brabant parties urged to shut out FvD

National party leaders have urged the VVD in Brabant to rule out a coalition with the far-right Forum voor Democratie after the province’s government collapsed. The right-wing liberal VVD said on its website that the three largest parties in the provincial assembly – VVD, FvD and Christian Democrats (CDA) – should ‘attempt to build a stable and open majority coalition’. FvD is the second largest party in Brabant, holding nine of the 55 assembly seats, but was mired in controversy... More >

Baudet under fire over 'harassment' tweet

Far-right MP Thierry Baudet has been condemned for a tweet in which he wrongly claimed that two friends had been harassed on a train by ‘four Moroccans’. The national rail operator NS refuted Baudet’s version of the incident on Friday evening on a Sprinter train from Weesp to Amsterdam. The two women were asked to show their tickets by plainclothes inspectors, but initially refused. Baudet has declined to delete his tweet or reply to journalists who tried to contact him... More >

VVD remains clearly ahead in latest poll

The first poll of polls of 2020 shows no major switches in political allegiance although 50Plus and nationalist party Forum voor Democratie continue to gain ground. The poll of polls (Peilingwijzer) is a combination of four separate opinion polls produced by I&O Research, Ipsos, EenVandaag and Kantar. The new poll gives 50Plus seven to 11 seats in parliament, or between 4.7% and 7.3% of the vote – double their 2017 election showing. FvD has risen since last summer’s political divisions... More >

CU wants Netherlands to become 'drug-free'

The Christen Union, the smallest party in the coalition government, has called for the Netherlands to change course on narcotics and aim to become a ‘drug-free’ nation. ‘After decades of relativising the drugs problem it’s time to take a different route,’ said CU MP Stieneke van der Graaf. She said it was incomprehensible that prevention campaigns existed to warn people about the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol, but not harder drugs. ‘It is a point on the horizon,’ she told... More >