Monday 25 October 2021

Rutte III cabinet sets unenviable record for no-confidence motions

Rutte III cabinet sets unenviable record for no-confidence motions

No government in Dutch history has faced as many motions of no confidence or censure as Mark Rutte’s current administration, the Telegraaf reported on Monday. Since it took office in 2017 the third Rutte cabinet has faced 36 no-confidence motions and 15 censure votes. No minister has stood down after losing a no-confidence vote since 1939, but there have been several recent occasions when cabinet members have resigned before they could face a vote, notably last January, when the entire... More >

Benefit fraud victims get coalition role

Families victimised in the childcare benefit scandal and people whose property has been damaged by the Groningen earthquakes are to be invited to tell their stories to the team working to put together a new cabinet. The talks should make it clear how the relationship between ordinary citizens and the government can be improved, negotiator Wouter Koolmees told reporters on Monday afternoon. Former CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt, who put the benefit scandal on the political agenda, will also be invited... More >

Breakaway councillors form 150 new parties

Councillors in almost half of the Netherlands local authorities have broken away from the party they were elected for, and set up their own, in the 3.5 years since the last local elections, according to research by the NRC. The paper has been following 318 of the Netherlands’ 351 local authority areas since 2018 and found breakaway parties were formed in 45.6% of them. This means there are now, the paper says, 150 local parties with seats on councils which... More >

VVD popularity unchanged in latest poll

The fortunes of governing party D66 have plunged in the latest poll of polls but the popularity of Mark Rutte’s right wing Liberal VVD remains unchanged, despite six months of coalition talks. The new poll, an amalgam of three different opinion polls, says the VVD would win 34 to 38 seats if there was a general election tomorrow, giving the party 23% to 25% of the vote. The party won 34 seats in the March general election. D66, which emerged... More >

Slovenian PM starts Twitter row with Rutte

A Twitter row has broken out between the Dutch government and the prime minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa, after Jansa endorsed a tweet in which Dutch MEP Sophie in ’t Veld and several other former MEPs and other Dutch politicians were called ‘puppets of George Soros’. In ’t Veld is heading an official delegation of MEPs which is investigating freedom of the press and the rule of law in Slovenia, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU. Soros,... More >

Wouter Koolmees joins coalition talks

Social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees is set to join Johan Remkes as a second cabinet coalition negotiator now the next round of talks are about to begin, insiders have told RTL Nieuws. Koolmees is an minister for the Liberal democratic party D66, while Remkes, who headed the most recent talks, is a VVD supporter. The two parties are emerged as the biggest after the March general election. ChristianUnie and the Christian Democrats, both also members of the outgoing administration, complete... More >

Cities say more speed cameras are needed

The four largest cities are pressing ministers to give them more speed cameras and other measures to deal with traffic problems in built-up areas. The municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht say cameras are the only effective way of stopping traffic offences such as excessive noise caused by exhaust pipes or drivers pulling away too fast from traffic lights. Officials have written to the justice and infrastructure ministries calling on central government to deliver more speed cameras because... More >