Wednesday 22 March 2023

GroenLinks top poll among Dutch expats

GroenLinks has emerged as the biggest party among Dutch nationals abroad, with 18% of the vote, while D66 came in second with 16% and the VVD was third with 14%, according to the results of the first ever ‘foreign’ election for the senate. In total, almost 26,000 of the 37,000 Dutch expats who had signed up cast their ballot for a special electoral college which will, in turn, vote for the senate in May. Far right JA21 was in fourth... More >

BBB on course for 17 seats in new senate

The farmers’ party BBB could win 17 seats in the new Dutch senate, two more than predicted in initial exit polls. With 94% of the votes counted, the BBB has been confirmed as the largest party in nine of the 12 provinces and has an unassailable lead in Gelderland. In Noord-Holland the party is marginally ahead of the VVD, while GroenLinks has a narrow lead in Utrecht. The results are a setback for the government’s efforts to cut nitrogen compound... More >

GroenLinks still dominates in the cities

The pro-farming BBB, which is on target to become the biggest party in most of the 12 Dutch provinces, made gains in the cities as well as the countryside, but its urban performance is not as dramatic as in rural areas. In Amsterdam, for example, where some votes still remain to be counted, the party is set to take just 5% of the vote, with fellow newcomer Volt on a 7.5% share. GroenLinks remains the biggest party in the capital,... More >