Friday 22 November 2019

Moroccan government 'won't talk' about failed asylum seekers

Moroccan government 'won't talk' about failed asylum seekers

MPs have reacted with disbelief to the reported refusal of the Moroccan government to discuss the return of failed asylum seekers from that country and want explanations from foreign minister Stef Blok, public broadcaster NOS reports. Junior justice minister Anneke Broekers-Knol was supposed to broach the subject with her Moroccan counterpart during an official visit to Morocco but was told by the foreign ministry that ‘she would not be talking to the right people’ and her visit would be ‘of... More >

Many questions remain about nitrogen plan

The cabinet’s plans to try to cut nitrogen-based pollution dominate the Dutch papers on Thursday, with many questioning whether the measures will have the desired effect. The government has been forced into action by a Council of State ruling six months ago, which said that the way the release of nitrogen was being calculated when assessing construction project licences was questionable, and conflicted with EU laws. As a result, thousands of building projects were put on hold, increasing the risk... More >

ChristenUnie opposed to dual nationality

ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Seegers has told a television talk show that second generation immigrants should have to chose whether they are Dutch or their other nationality. Seegers, who was appearing on the Pauw chat show to talk about his new book, referred to the issue of Turkish Dutch dual nationals who, he said, could end up being called up by the Turkish army to fight. While it is difficult for first generation immigrants to make such a choice, second and... More >

Speed limit cut is a 'rotten' rule: PM

The reduction in the national speed limit to 100 kph is a ‘rotten rule’ but it will allow building to resume on almost every housing project which has currently been halted, prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters on Wednesday. Rutte was outlining the plans the government has agreed to take to reduce nitrogen-based pollution and cope with the impact of PFAS contamination in soil and sludge. ‘Nobody likes it, but there are bigger interests at stake,’ Rutte said. ‘We need... More >

Farmers protest at Haarlem assembly house

Farmers are taking to the roads again to keep up the pressure on provincial governments to scale back measures to curb nitrogen pollution. A convoy of tractors from Friesland and Texel is travelling to Haarlem on Monday morning to picket the provincial assembly house, where deputies are staging a debate on the nitrogen rules. Organisers expect around 200 farmers to take part. Frisian farmers successfully lobbied last month for the regulations in their own province to be withdrawn, including a... More >