Sunday 29 November 2020

Jihadi bride, who recruited teenagers, is heading back to Holland: AD

Jihadi bride, who recruited teenagers, is heading back to Holland: AD

One of the Netherlands most notorious jihadi brides is on the point of returning to the Netherlands after managing to make her way to the Dutch embassy in Turkey with her son, the AD said on Friday. Angela B, a Dutch convert, is said to have recruited other young women to go to Syria. She left the Netherlands at the age of 19 in 2014, and married a Portuguese jihadi who was later killed, before marrying again. The AD says... More >

Microsoft data centre sparks controversy

The construction of a second data centre by American tech company Microsoft in Noord Holland, and plans to build five more along the A7 motorway, is dividing local politicians and MPs and driving out farmers, an investigation by the NRC has shown. Data centres do not only consume huge amounts of energy but also take up valuable and fertile arable land, local opponents of the scheme told the paper. The arrival of the data centres, actively encouraged by local politicians... More >

VVD calls for more border controls

The Netherlands should have more powers to close its own borders when confronted with a large group of ‘migrants’ and, better still, should work with its neighbouring countries in a sort of mini Schengen zone to monitor border traffic, according to VVD parliamentarian Bente Becker. Becker, the party’s parliamentary spokeswoman on immigration and asylum, says in an opinion piece in the AD newspaper that the ‘risk to the Netherlands is great’ if a large number of migrants move here at... More >

Forum collapse continues as senator quits

The collapse of far right party Forum voor Democratie continued on Tuesday evening, this time with the immediate resignation of senator and law professor Paul Cliteur, and the publication of a damning denouncement of party founder Thierry Baudet by another senator, Annabel Nanninga. Cliteur said he had decided to leave the senate as a show of solidarity with Baudet, whom he tutored while a student at Leiden University. ‘Things have gone wrong and he has made mistakes,’ Cliteur said. ‘But... More >

Thierry Baudet quits as FvD leader

Thierry Baudet has resigned as leader of far right party Forum voor Democratie and will not lead the party into the 2021 general election. Baudet made the announcement in a video message on Monday evening, in which he blamed the media for the party’s current troubles. Several leading members of far-right party Forum for Democracy’s youth wing were  suspended at the weekend in a long-running row over racism and anti-semitism on internal message boards. One is thought to be a... More >