Monday 21 September 2020

Justice minister is fined for breaking coronavirus rules at wedding after all

Justice minister is fined for breaking coronavirus rules at wedding after all

Justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus, who was caught breaking social distancing rules at his recent wedding, has been given a fine by the public prosecution service after all. Grapperhaus has been fined €390 because this will ‘enhance the credibility’ of the enforcement of the rules, given that the minister is head of the department charged with making sure they are complied with, the department said in a statement. Grapperhaus was faced with a vote of no confidence after photographs showing him... More >

New body will assess 'vital' public art

A new committee has been charged with assessing all arts and crafts held in the Netherlands and evaluating what is of vital importance – including objects acquired during colonialism and World War II. The Commissie Collectie Nederland, chaired by former CDA chief Sybrand Buma, is expected to first itemise everything of cultural value in public and private collections before drawing up a ‘dynamic’ list of what should be protected for future generations. It is expected to report before early next... More >

Slow asylum process compensation tops €65m

The Dutch immigration service IND has set aside €65.4m to compensate asylum seekers whose cases take too long to process this year,  website reported on Thursday. The figure, first reported on by the Telegraaf, is included in the justice ministry’s budget. The IND has six months to assess an asylum case, and if it fails to do so, it faces a ‘fine’ of up to €15,000 per person. Last year the IND handed out €6.6m to refugees whose applications... More >

Budget 2021: what the papers say

There is little criticism of the government’s 2021 spending plans in the morning papers, with most approving of the decision to keep on spending to head off the impact of coronavirus. With one eye on next year’s elections, they say, there is little else ministers can do. Financieele Dagblad The Financieele Dagblad headlines its editorial ‘investing is good, more investing is better’, and highlights the ‘sober’ position the government’s finances are now in, given the Netherlands had a budget surplus... More >

MPs give mixed reactions to the budget

MPs will hold a two-day debate on the government’s 2021 spending plans on Wednesday and Thursday, with one eye on the March general election. All parties, the Volkskrant says in its analysis, will be looking to score points and set out their positions ahead of the vote. D66’s parliamentary party leader Rob Jetten said he welcomed the king’s attention for racism and discrimination, which he described as a ‘high point’ of the speech. The king said the fact that skin... More >

2021 budget: the main points

The 2021 budget main points: The economy The economy will contract by 5% this year but will grow in 2021 by 3.5%, if there is no second lockdown National debt is set to top 60% of GDP Unemployment will reach 5.9% next year Spending power will rise by an average of 0.8%, with people in work benefiting from a 1.2% increase Increased spending on unemployment benefits will lead to a €230m overspend on the social affairs ministry budget. Income and... More >

NL faces serious economic setbacks: king

The Netherlands must ready itself for serious economic setbacks, king Willem Alexander said on Tuesday afternoon, in his official speech to mark the start of the parliamentary year. The Dutch economy and government finances are healthy and financial buffers have been built up over the past few years which we can now benefit from, the king said. ‘Now we have to ready ourselves for the consequences of a serious economic setback, which will impact the economy and government finances in... More >

Coronavirus has boosted faith in politics

The coronavirus crisis has lead to a sharp rise in the number of people who have faith in politics and politicians, according to the annual NOS budget day survey by Ipsos. Almost two thirds of the Dutch now have confidence in prime minister Mark Rutte, double the total before the 2017 general election. Almost six in 10 people think Rutte is the ideal prime minister, and that includes half PvdA and GroenLinks voters, the Ipsos survey shows. However, finance minister... More >