Wednesday 12 August 2020

Covid youngster focus 'counterproductive'

A get tough approach from the government as the number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands rise had been widely expected. But Thursday night’s press conference highlighted contradictions in strategy, according to the Dutch media on Friday. Broadcaster NOS focused on prime minister Mark Rutte’s appeal to youngsters to take the coronavirus measures – especially social distancing – seriously. ‘Generation expert’ Talitha Muusse told the broadcaster the prime minister was sending the wrong message to young adults, and that his... More >

Rise in Covid figures is 'worrying': RIVM

The Dutch public health institute has again repeated calls for people to avoid busy places, as the number of positive coronavirus tests in the country doubles. In the week to Tuesday, 2,588 people tested positive for Covid-19, almost double the previous week’s total. At the same time, fewer tests were carried out. ‘This development is worrying,’ RIVM spokeswoman Susan van den Hof told broadcaster NOS. ‘The number of infections is increasing sharply and the fact it has not stablised gives... More >

Farming groups upset about cow feed plans

Two Dutch farming associations have walked out of talks with the government about controlling the level of nitrogen-based pollutants in manure. LTO Nederland and young farmers’ group the NAJK have said that they will no longer take part in discussions about the protein levels of cattle feed until expert reports have been completed, reports NOS. Environment minister Carola Schouten has said she would put the government proposal and counter proposals to the environmental assessment agency Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, to... More >