Wednesday 12 August 2020

Quarantine to be required by law

People identified as possible coronavirus carriers during track and trace investigations and those returning from risky countries abroad will now face compulsory quarantine until they have been tested, health minister Hugo de Jonge has announced. In particular, the requirement is to be brought in for people identified as having been in close contact with a coronavirus patient, following mounting refusals to follow the voluntary guidelines. ‘Over the past few weeks we have been hearing that people are not cooperating with... More >

Other Covid-19 strategies in the spotlight

Scientists and academics who disagree with the government’s strategy for tackling coronavirus are become more vocal in their criticism, with new initiatives springing up to present alternative points of view. The Financieele Dagblad on Tuesday reports on the Red Team project, set up by a group of academics in an effort to speed up the official approach and to present alternative ideas. The aim of the Red Team group is not to undermine official sources of information, but to ask... More >

RIVM 'downplayed' ventilation system risk

The role of the internal ventilation system in a coronavirus outbreak at a nursing home in Maassluis was ‘downplayed’ by the public health institute RIVM, the Volkskrant said on Tuesday. In addition, the RIVM was reluctant to issue warnings about the possible dangers posed by air conditioning systems which recirculate air, the paper said. The Volkskrant bases its claim on correspondence between the researchers and the RIVM. Doctor and microbiologist Peter de Man, who was involved in the research, declined... More >

Covid-19 leads to more incidents on planes

Transport ministry inspectors say they are concerned about the increase in airline passengers causing trouble since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In July, there were 94 reports, of which 58 were coronavirus-related, such as a refusal to wear a face mask, the aviation inspectorate ILT said. Between 2017 and 2019, there were an average of 82 reports about passengers causing trouble on a monthly basis, but there were also far more plane services. The ILT says it is concerned... More >

Cafes told to register their customers

From this week, cafe and restaurant goers in the Netherlands will be asked to provide their contact details so they can be traced in case of a coronavirus outbreak. The measure was announced by prime minister Mark Rutte at last week’s press conference, and although it will not be compulsory to comply, cafe owners will be able to turn away customers who refuse. Meanwhile, the hospitality sector is still waiting for more details from the government about how the scheme... More >

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