Friday 23 April 2021

Councils undercover to catch shopkeepers

Local authorities are using undercover wardens to check whether retailers are keeping to the coronavirus shopping rules, the Financieele Dagblad reports. Shopping by appointment at non-essential shops has been in place since March 3 but the measure will be lifted from April 28. Retail expert Frank Quix told the paper he knows of at least five to ten cities where wardens have been pretending to be shoppers without an appointment at three major chains and bluff their way in, including... More >

Fieldlab trials fail ethics test: VK

The Fieldlab experiments to test how mass events can be held safely during the pandemic do not follow ethical standards for behavioural research, the Volkskrant said on Wednesday. The trials, involving up to 8,000 people, are aimed at assessing how people behave in a given situation and as such should fall under the ethical code drawn up by the Dutch Ethics Council for Social and Behavioural Sciences, the paper said. These rules state, for example, that it should be clear... More >

Dutch start using the Janssen vaccine

The Netherlands will begin using the single-dose Janssen coronavirus vaccine from Wednesday, focusing on front line healthcare workers and people living in small psychiatric institutions. On Tuesday, the European Medicines Agency said that while rare blood clots and low platelet levels should be included in the official list of possible side effects, the advantages of using the vaccine outweighed the disadvantages. Unlike the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has similar very rare side effects, the Janssen vaccine will be used on people... More >

Coronavirus in NL: what you need to know

Relaxing some of the coronavirus rules is a responsible approach, despite the current high rate of new infections, prime minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday.  Here’s a round up of the latest measures. Curfew The curfew, introduced on January 23, will be scrapped from the morning of April 28. Travel The government continues to advise against all foreign travel up to May 15, unless there is a very compelling work or family reason. From that date, compulsory quarantine is due... More >