Saturday 13 August 2022

Hope for Long Covid sufferers in NL

A controversial blood filtering method offered abroad to alleviate the symptoms of Long Covid will not be introduced in the Netherlands any time soon but there may possibilities for oxygen treatment, the Volkskrant reports. Dutch Long Covid sufferers are increasingly turning to the expensive blood filtering treatment, which is normally used on patients with genetic high cholesterol to remove fatty matter from their blood, the paper said. Dozens of Long Covid patients, whose symptoms can include the presence of small... More >

Kuipers urged to step up autumn wave plans

A group of disease specialists plan to take the Dutch government to the human rights council unless it takes action to pre-empt a new wave of coronavirus infections in the autumn. The group, which includes members of the independent ‘Red Team’ that acted as an unofficial advice body in the first wave of the pandemic, published an open letter to health minister Ernst Kuipers in the AD on Wednesday. They called on the minister to ‘take responsibility’ and protect the... More >

Deaths up in June, particularly over-65s

More people died in June than would be normally expected, particularly in the over-65 age group, reports Dutch statistics office CBS. In the whole of the month, 550 more people over 80 died than in the average year, and 450 more people from 65 to 80. In the 26th week of the year, there was also a slightly increased death rate amongst people younger than 65. The death rate was also up amongst people who are in care, with 650... More >

Individual health costs up by €466 in 2021

Healthcare spending went up by €466 per person in 2021, largely as a result of coronavirus-related costs such as testing and vaccination. The statistics agency CBS said spending was 7.6% higher than in 2020, when the costs went up by 8.3% or €475 per person compared to 2019. The 2020 increases were mainly due to the €2.1 billion healthcare bonus and support measures for healthcare providers amounting to €3.5 billion. By 2021 the healthcare bonus had dropped to €700 million... More >

Report on face mask deal due in September

The conclusion of an inquiry into former CDA party activist Sywert van Lienden and two associates who earned €20 million in a controversial face mask deal has been delayed until the autumn. Long-term care and sport minister Conny Helder told MPs that the investigation by Deloitte, which has already lasted a year and cost more than €4.7 million, would publish its report before September, dashing hopes it would be available before the summer recess. The inquiry also covers all government... More >