Saturday 27 November 2021

61 passengers on South Africa flights test positive for coronavirus

61 passengers on South Africa flights test positive for coronavirus

Health board officials say 61 of the 600 people on two flights from South Africa which arrived at Schiphol airport on Friday morning have now tested positive for coronavirus. Officials said on Friday evening they expected around 85 people would prove positive, after initial tests suggested a 13% infection rate, but told news agency ANP later the actual total is 61. All the passengers reportedly had to show a negative fast test no older than 24 hours before boarding the... More >

KLM will continue to fly to South Africa

Dutch flag carrier KLM said on Friday afternoon it will continue to fly between the Netherlands and South Africa, despite the so-called ban on flights imposed by the Netherlands. The government said on Friday morning that it was banning flights from southern Africa in an effort to keep out a new, potentially more harmful, variant of coronavirus, which South African scientists have identified. KLM said in a statement that the decision to flag South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Botswana, Namibia and... More >

The Netherlands will shut from 5pm to 5am

The Netherlands will virtually shut down from 5pm to 5am for at least three weeks from Sunday, as the cabinet struggles to reduce the spread of coronavirus, now at some 22,000 new cases a day. Prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters at Friday evening’s press conference that a year ago, he and government health advisors thought the pandemic would be under control by the summer. ‘The reality is different,’ Rutte said. ‘And I am sure later evaluations will show that... More >

Excess death total rises again

Around 900 more people died in the week to November 21 than statisticians had expected, national statistics office CBS said on Friday. In total, almost 3,850 died that week, when fewer than 3,000 deaths would have been considered normal, the CBS said. In particular, there were more deaths among the over 80s, although the increase is across all age groups. People living in residential care were also more affected. The number of excess deaths has been rising since mid October,... More >

Dutch urged to act on new Covid variant

The Dutch government is being urged to act quickly to head off the threat of a new variant of coronavirus arriving in the country from southern Africa. The new variant, known as B.1.1.529, already has a hold in South Africa and cases have been found in Botswana and, via a traveller, in Hong Kong. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has said Brussels will propose ’activating the emergency brake to stop air travel from the southern African region’ in... More >

Over 22,000 new coronavirus cases

A total of 22,274 people tested positive for coronavirus in the 24 hours to Thursday morning, down 1,288 on Wednesday’s total, according to new figures from public health institute RIVM. Thursday’s figure takes the average number of daily cases over the past week to 22,218, or up 24% on a week ago. Given previous weekly rises were in the region of 40%, this may be a sign that the increase in infections is now slowing. Regional health boards are currently... More >