Saturday 19 June 2021

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know (June 18)

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know (June 18)

Over five million people in the Netherlands are fully vaccinated and four million people have had their first dose – enough, the government has decided – to relax most of the coronavirus measures currently in place from June 26. Here is what you need to know: Face masks Face masks will no longer be required in shops and other busy places but will still be mandatory on public transport and in airports, and in secondary schools – until the summer... More >

Exam trips 'could trigger new corona wave'

More than 200 Dutch teenagers have tested positive for coronavirus after coming back from post-exam celebrations in resorts such as Mallorca, the RIVM has confirmed. The public health agency is concerned that travel to other European countries could trigger a new wave of infections, as happened last year when a surge in cases in Spain and the south of France rippled out to the Netherlands in July. In its latest weekly bulletin the RIVM reported 191 cases in people who... More >

Coronavirus cases down 40% from last week

The average number of coronavirus infections fell below 1,200 a day on Wednesday, continuing the strong downward trend. The public health agency reported 1,040 new cases, 26 fewer than on Tuesday and 39.3% lower than last Wednesday’s figure. The numbers tend to be higher on Wednesday and Thursday because people are less willing to be tested at the weekend. In the last seven days an average of 1,179 cases have been confirmed per day, equivalent to the figure on September... More >

Delta variant more widespread in NL

The Delta, or Indian, variant of coronavirus has become more common in the Netherlands but experts do not expect it to lead to a surge in cases – as has happened in Britain – because of the vaccination programme, news website said on Thursday. Last week, 0.5% of the 1,148 coronavirus samples examined by public health agency RIVM proved to be the Delta variant of the virus, but this week, that had risen to 1.1% of the 610 samples... More >