Local elections 2018: campaign events for internationals

With 11 days to go before the local elections, more political parties have submitted their key manifesto points to DutchNews.nl.

In total, 44 of the 75 parties contacted by DutchNews.nl have responded to requests for information, although not all have publications in English. GroenLinks, D66 and PvdA have replied in eight of the 10 cities targeted, the SP in seven cities and the VVD in six. No information has been received from Denk or of the PVV.

The DutchNews.nl election website contains information about the key 10 cities, party positions on the big issues and links to manifestos.

A number of pre-election debates for the international community have also been organised.

March 9, D66 is organising a discussion evening for international voters
March 15, election discussion evening at De Nieuwe Liefde
March 19, GroenLinks is hosting a pre-election party and debate

March 9 information and discussion event organised by Studium Generale TU/e

The Hague
March 15, election debate at the Gemeente Museum, organised by The Hague International Network

March 15, election information session at city hall

If you have an election event or manifesto summary available which is not included, please get in touch with editor@dutchnews.nl