Boys get more pocket money than girls, new survey shows


A second survey into the pocket money given to Dutch children within the space of two days not only says they get more cash, but that boys get more than girls.

The Deloitte survey says children aged between 10 and 12 get an average of €18.56 in digital pocket money a month. Boys get an average of €19.20 and girls €17.94.

If the pocket money is paid in cash, the difference is even bigger. Boys get an average of €14.97 a month and girls  just €12.16.

The Deloitte survey also said 56% of 10 to 12-year-olds have their own bank card. This is much higher than the 44% given in the Wijzer in Geldzaken survey which was published on Monday.

That survey also said children in their last year at primary school were given an average of €11.10 a month, well below the amounts claimed by Deloitte.

Both surveys were published as part of the Week van het Geld – a week long effort to encourage financial responsibility among children.