Police issue Amber Alert after couple snatch baby from carer

Photos: Politie.nl

Police have issued an Amber Alert after a baby was snatched outside a supermarket in the Brabant town of Eersel.

The six-month old girl was in the care of social workers and was probably snatched by her biological parents Kim de Laat and Rowan Simons, police said in a statement.

The girl, named Hannah, was taken from her biological parents last year after they were arrested on suspicion of physically abusing her. In October she was found by doctors to have two broken ribs and several bruises.

Police said on Monday they are ‘extremely worried’ for her safety.

The kidnapping took place shortly before 9am when the carer left the Lidl supermarket with the baby in a portable car seat. The couple reportedly grabbed the baby out of the chair and then drove off in a dark coloured Mercedes.

According to the Eindhovens Dagblad, the couple, are con artists who have ripped off dozens of people in the region.

In particular, the man is wanted for his role in several cases of car fraud while the women sells horses with forged papers, the paper said.