Homes least likely to be burgled in Amsterdam and Leiden, say insurers


The number of home break-ins in the Netherlands rose last year for the first time in years, the Dutch insurers association VvV said on Friday.

Last year, insurers processed 64,000 claims, up 3,000 on 2015. Most burglaries took place in Limburg – 11 per thousand homes, followed by Brabant (10.6). The fewest claims were made in Zeeland and Friesland, where there were 5.1 break-ins per thousand homes.

Homes in Eindhoven, Breda and Almere are most likely to be broken into and the least likely victims are found in Leiden and Amsterdam.

The Christmas and New Year festivities are popular times for burglars, the VvV said. Its members process some 350 claims a day round the end of the year, compared with 175 on a normal day.