Commuters face train trouble on Monday as railway workers strike

Photo: Jonathan Marks

Commuters using The Hague’s central railway station and the station in Zwolle face disruption on Monday morning as railway workers go on strike over disagreements in NS policy.

The strike, called by the FNV railway workers union, will lead to fewer trains leaving The Hague and Zwolle and are likely to have a knock-on effect on services elsewhere. The strike is will last from 5am to 9am.

The union is campaigning for what it calls ‘an end to the break up of the NS’. It wants the NS, which is 100% state owned, to take part in tenders for regional train services, manage shops and catering facilities at stations itself and place two conductors on double-decker trains.

‘One conductor on a double-decker train is unworkable,’ union spokesman Henri Janssen said in a statement. β€˜It leads to a lack of safety, more fare dodgers and more aggression. Both NS passengers and staff are the victims of this.’