The Hague auction house to sell Keith Haring sea monster container

Haring’s sea monster container. Photo: Theo Audenaerd/HH

The Hague auction house Venduehuis is selling a shipping container painted by the late American graffiti artist Keith Haring on May 16.

Haring (1958-1990) painted the 12.5 metre long container for a Belgian surf club in 1987 and it was used to store surfboards.

Haring was in Knokke to paint a mural for a casino and spotted the container when he was looking for other surfaces. The project, which was completed in a single day, was recorded on film.

‘Haring, carrying a brush and small pots of black and red paint, portrays the swimmers and surfers as though they have come surging out of the monstrous mouth of a sea god,’ the auction website states.

According to local broadcaster Omroep West, an entrepreneur later paid €16,000 for the container and in 2009 it was placed in storage, where it is still kept. The auction house is organising a tour to check it out on May 12 and say it will raise up to €2m when it comes up for auction.

Meanwhile, art students in Utrecht have created a replica of the original which has been placed in front of the auction house as a public draw.