Amsterclean: how often do you shower or change your bed sheets?


The average resident of Amsterdam washes his hands with soap six times a day, brushes his teeth twice and takes a shower nearly every day, according to research published in the Parool over the weekend.

The Parool commissioned Amsterdam city research bureau OIS to poll 550 residents of the city about their cleaning habits, both personal and in their household.

Bed sheets were changed on average once a month (45%), but 34% changed their sheets on a weekly basis. Dish clothes and drying up cloths – a major source of bacteria – were changed at least once a week by most people but not washing up brushes.

Amsterdammers spent an average of 4.7 hours a week on domestic chores (but only four hours if they had a cleaner). Cleaning out the fridge, washing the windows and cleaning door handles are least likely to be carried out regularly.

But the division of tasks was less clear: men claimed that they performed 60% of the household tasks, while women said they carried out 75% of the drudgery.