Geert Wilders drops public campaigning due to security corruption scandal

Photo: Peter van der Sluijs via Wikimedia Commons

Geert Wilders has suspended the PVV’s public election campaign activities because of the corruption scandal involving a key official in the police protection squad.

The latest revelations are ‘extremely unsettling’, Wilders said on Twitter. Until all the facts have been uncovered, the PVV will not take part in any public campaign activities, Wilders said.

The NRC reported on Wednesday that one officer in the squad, which is charged with protecting the royal family as well as Wilders, had been arrested on suspicion of leaking information to a money-laundering gang.

On Thursday, the AD said Faris K had been under suspicion when he worked in Utrecht. Sources also told the paper his brother had been sacked by the police for similar offences.

Meanwhile, judges in The Hague ruled on Thursday that Faris should not be remanded in custody while the investigation continues. Suspects can only be kept in jail ahead of their trial if they are suspected of serious crimes or are potential absconders.

Ministers said on Wednesday there is no reason to think that Wilders’ security had been compromised by K.