Most PVV parliamentary candidates have another political job

Geert Wilders during the 2012 election campaign. Photo:

Geert Wilders during the 2012 election campaign. Photo:

Nearly all the 50 parliamentary hopefuls on the PVV’s election list have another political job, according to research by the Volkskrant.

Most are either a local councillor in Almere or The Hague, or represent the anti-Islam party at a provincial level, in Europe or in the senate, the paper says.

The party, which has no members and no formal party structure, is currently tipped to win up to 35 seats in the March election. If elected according to the list, five new PVV MPs will have to give up their current PVV job and 13 will do two jobs.

MPs may serve as local or provincial councillors but not as members of the senate or as MEPs.

This means that four of the nine PVV senators would have to quit and that Wilders will need to find four replacements from the 2015 electoral list.

However, most of them are now on the list to become MPs, which could mean the PVV will be unable to find enough senators, the Volkskrant says.