Rijksmuseum to put 'all the Rembrandts' on show next year

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is to mark the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death in 2019 by putting all the works by the Dutch master in its collection on show. ‘All the Rembrandts’ will run from February 15 to June and includes all 22 paintings, 60 drawings and more than 300 of the best examples of Rembrandt’s prints. As well as holding the world’s largest collection of Rembrandt paintings – including The Night Watch - the Rijksmuseum says its collection is the 'world’s most comprehensive and representative overview of Rembrandt’s painting oeuvre'. Experts estimate Rembrandt (1606 to 1669) made over 300 paintings in total. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has 11, while the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague has nine. Next year's exhibition, the museum says, is a 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glean an unparalleled perspective on Rembrandt the artist, the human, the storyteller and the innovator.' It will be accompanied by an extensive programme of lectures, workshops and events. Work will start on restoring The Night Watch in front of the public after the end of this exhibition.   More >

Two hand grenades left outside Almere cafe

Parts of central Almere were sealed off on Thursday morning as police explosives experts made safe two hand grenades which had been left on the Grote Markt. One handgrenade was found in a 'suspicious package' in front of a cafe on the square around 8am. The second grenade was found some 90 minutes later. Firemen and ambulances were also called to the scene, which was monitored by a police helicopter. The area was reopened to the public around 1.30pm. Hand grenades have been left outside cafes and other shops Amsterdam and Delft in recent weeks in what police say is likely to be a warning in ongoing gangland rivalries.   More >

Bones found in Gelderland wood are human

Bones found by a walker in woods near the Gelderland village of Hummelo are human, police confirmed on Thursday. The walker called the police as soon as he spotted the bones and the area has been sealed off since Tuesday. Theo Vervelde, 73, told the Gelderlander he knew immediately that the bones were human and that he had found an id in a wallet near the body. The id indicated the body belonged to Ger Homma, a 60-year-old man who disappeared from a homeless person's hostel in 2010, Vervelde said. Homma is listed as missing on the politie.nl website. Forensic experts are still trying to establish how and when the victim died and to identify him. The skeleton is now being examined by experts at the Dutch forensic institute and that is likely to take three weeks.   More >

Nearly 3,000 cars go up in flames

Almost 3,000 cars have been destroyed by fire in the first nine months of this year, according to insurance company figures. Most were deliberately set on fire and the total is the highest in five years, insurers say. Seven in 10 motorists have insurance against car fires. Most fires take place in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant and Noord-Holland but the biggest proportional rise - 34% - was booked in Groningen. In an effort to stop arsonists, insurers are recommending drivers park as close to street lamps as possible. Very few fires are caused by technical failures. A spokesman for the insurers association told DutchNews.nl that most fires appear to be set by lone wolves at night. The regional differences reflect reporting about active pyromaniacs, he said. 'There is no evidence that car owners are increasingly committing fraud.'  More >

More fear terror attack in NL

More people in the Netherlands are concerned that a major terrorist attack will take place on Dutch soil, according to the latest poll by the counter-terrorism unit NCTV. Some 67% are now worried that an attack may happen, compared with 55% six months ago, the survey of some 800 people showed. People are also more worried about the safety of friends and family. Four in 10 are now concerned about the security of their loved ones, compared with three in 10 in the previous survey. Nevertheless, six in 10 people said the arrest of seven men who were said to be preparing a major terrorist attack in September has not an an impact on them. Three in 10 people said they now felt safer and just one in 10 less safe. There have only been a few, minor terror-related incidents in the Netherlands. In the most recent case, two American tourists were attacked by a 19-year-old Afghan national living in Germany at Amsterdam's central station. In August, a 26-year-old man was arrested at The Hague’s main railway station after placing a video on Facebook in which he appears to say he is planning to attack the parliamentary complex or an attack on Geert Wilders.  More >

Private security guards get firework duty

Private security guards will help the police keep watch on confiscated fireworks until they can be picked up by specialised transport companies, broadcaster NOS said on Wednesday. The move will boost the safety of both police officers and the public, police union ACP has told the broadcaster. The change means police who find illegal fireworks will first send a photo to a specialist. The specialist will decide if the explosives can be moved by the police or if they should be picked up by trained transport companies. If specialist transporters are brought in, private security guards will take over from the police until the haul is picked up, saving considerable police time. Every year tonnes of illegal fireworks confiscated by police in the run-up to the national firework frenzy on December 31.  More >