Dutch police identified 130 children in porn investigations last year

Dutch police last year identified 130 children who were being sexually abused by adults last year, and made 380 arrests following child porn investigations, according to police figures released at the weekend. Around 100 of those arrested were suspected of making child pornography. 'It could be a sports teacher who we found to have pictures of a child or a grandfather who has abused his grandchildren or other local kids for years,' police spokesman Ben van Mierlo told broadcaster NOS. Last year, police received 18,000 reports of child porn, up from 12,000 in 2016. The increase, police say, is due to a rise in the amount of child pornography on the internet and increased awareness. Van Mierlo says technology firms can do more to stop child porn being spread. 'Some do their best but others do nothing,' he said. 'The sector could be better regulated on this point.' The police and justice ministry officials want to get together with hosting firms to talk about possible measures to combat the spread of child porn.  More >

Maastricht has more shops than Amsterdam

Maastricht has more shops per head than Amsterdam, but the tourist hotspots of the Wadden Islands are a shopper's paradise, new figures show. The Limburg capital's 854 shops represent 7 for every 1,000 population, compared to a concentration of 6.4 in Amsterdam, according to statistics published on Tuesday by the national statistics office CBS. However, the islands have nearly three times as many shops per resident, largely because tourists outnumber locals during the holiday season. Vlieland, with 20.3 shops per 1,000 residents, leads the league table, followed by Schiermonnikoog in 13.8, Terschelling on 13.2 and Texel on 13.1.   The CBS said there are nearly 88,000 physical shops in the Netherlands. Clothing shops represent 18% of the total, followed by supermarkets at 7%, flower shops (4%) and bicycle shops, drug stores, furniture stores, butchers and shoe shops, all at 3%. Little has changed over the past 10 years the CBS said. The Wadden islands took pole position a decade ago and Maastricht headed the table of the 25 biggest cities.  More >

Top café In de Karkol sets the bar high

A bar in Maastricht has been named the best drinking spot in the Netherlands by trade magazine Misset Horeca. After 11 years in the top 10, In de Karkol has finally made it to number one, the magazine said on Tuesday, after mystery guests, jury members and judges all raved about this ‘southern gem’. It adds that the bar's 37 square metres are filled with artists, students, pensioners, warm smiles, kind words with strangers and ‘perfectly drawn lager’. The magazine has published a list of the Netherland’s ‘100 best cafés’ – where beer as well as coffee is served, and which are not to be confused with ‘coffee shops’.     More >