Tuesday 04 October 2022

Extreme heat: from sticky nights to a sticky world situation

Extreme heat: from sticky nights to a sticky world situation

After a scorching Tuesday, the Netherlands has now clocked up its 20th tropical night, in which temperatures did not drop below 20 Celsius and passed the 25 degree mark in inner cities, RTL Nieuws reported on Wednesday. The plaknacht, or sticky night, which may well earn itself a place on the word of the year list, will have made sleep impossible for all but those with air conditioning in the bedroom. With more periods of high temperatures on the horizon,... More >

Retailer shows older couple in lingerie ad

Budget retail chain Zeeman has been praised for its new lingerie advert that features a couple in their sixties and seventies. Hélène, 65, told RTL she had recently become a grandmother when she posed for the shoot with her husband Ruud, 72, which briefly shows them kissing on a bed. ‘I had to think about it, because what would my children make of it?’ she said. ‘I thought, “Why not?” I think it’s really lovely that I’m still being asked... More >

Dutch celebrate jean pool: Denim Days fest

The Dutch are proud of their jeans – that’s the message at this year’s Denim Days Festival, where more than 75 exhibitors will show off their wares. The festival, previouslyl launched in New York, aims to appeal to ‘true-blue’ denim enthusiasts, with a vintage market, music, workshops, attractions for children and speakers on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th. It will be held in the Westergasfabriek former gasworks in Amsterdam’s Westerpark and costs €10 in advance or €15 at the door,... More >

Be brave, ask for a doggybag

Natuur & Milieu is happy the doggy bag is becoming an accepted part of eating out in the  Netherlands, the organisation writes on its website. According to the organisation 41% of diners are offered a doggy bag for surplus food at one time or another compared to 31% in 2015. The number of people asking for a doggy bag went up by 10%. However, 44% are too embarrassed to ask for one, the organisation found. ‘We are glad the doggy... More >