Saturday 27 November 2021

Amsterdam housing complex will prioritise key workers and starters

Amsterdam housing complex will prioritise key workers and starters

Key workers and people under the age of 28 will be given priority for a social housing project being built in Amsterdam. The complex of 136 studio flats, with a surface area of between 33 and 41 m2, will be available to rent from next year for €728 per month. Landlord Syntrus Achmea said it would give teachers, police officers, healthcare workers and young people looking for their first home first choice at the development in Oostenburg. ‘In principle we... More >

Airbnb wins Supreme Court service fee case

The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that holiday rental company Airbnb is not breaking the law by charging a service fee to both landlords and holidaymakers, overturning a lower court ruling and effectively ending hopes of a refund for thousands of its customers. Judges in Amsterdam ruled in March last year that the holiday rentals company could not charge both renters and holidaymakers for the hire of apartments, prompting tens of thousands of Dutch residents to submit claims for their... More >

Massive fire made worse by rule-breaking

A massive fire was able to sweep through an apartment block in a residential part of The Hague in May, leaving 40 households homeless, because the building did not comply with fire safety standards, local broadcaster Omroep West has said. In particular, the roof and polyester used on the balconies enabled the fire to spread quickly, according to investigators at safety institute IFV. The researchers found that the roof on an extension to one part of the building was not... More >

Real estate agents face new rules

The government wants real estate agents to keep a log book on how the bidding process for a property proceeds that everyone can check after the home has been sold. The move, says home affairs minister Kajsa Ollongren, ‘will remove the room for dishonest trading and everyone will know how the bidding went’. Ollongren wants the sector to introduce the log books and says she will bring in draft legislation if it does not move fast enough. The log book... More >

80,000 new homes were created last year

Fewer homes were developed in empty offices and other redundant buildings last year, according to new figures from national statistics agency CBS. Last year, 10,200 apartments were created in old offices, schools, churches and nursing homes, compared with over 12,500 in the preceding years, the CBS said. The slow down in conversions is particularly bad news for single people – apartments in former offices tend to be smaller and not suitable for families, the CBS said. The number of conversions... More >