Sunday 29 March 2020

Coronavirus and the housing market

Will coronavirus lead to a surge in mortgage interest rates and is now the right time to buy a home? Henk Jansen, founder of Expat Mortgages, answers questions about the likely impact of COVID-19 on the housing market. Is it business as usual? In the sense that we are still open and talking to people yes. Everything we do, we do online. We have stopped doing our live meetings. Instead we are holding webinars, for example.Yesterday I did one for... More >

Dutch house prices rose unusually: CPB

Dutch house prices rose consistently for two decades, longer than in other countries, according to a new report. The CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis claims that the Dutch housing market was unusual in that house prices rose continuously for 23 of the last 50 years, and had only two short crashes. By contrast, nearby countries had more patterns of downturn and recovery. House prices have grown far more than other goods or services during the period in the... More >

Amsterdam new housing permits plummet

Amsterdam city council handed out permits for just 77 new homes in the final quarter of last year, down 95% on the previous year, according to an analysis by ABN Amro economists. ‘These permits were largely given to housing corporations. There was not one single permit for a private company,’ economist Madeline Buijs said. ‘The new rules about the types of housing which can be built, and the high costs, are likely to be behind the downturn.’ Fewer permits were... More >