Thursday 04 June 2020

Minister will help migrant workers

Social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees has told MPs he does not know how many people on staffing agency contracts have lost their jobs and, consequently their homes, but that the government is working to stamp out problems in the sector. Many people from eastern Europe who work in the Netherlands through staffing agencies rely on those agencies for a place to live. But there are fears that many who have lost their jobs because of coronavirus are ending up homeless.... More >

Rent tribunals deal with 10,000 cases

Dutch rent tribunals (huurcomissie) dealt with 9,991 complaints last year, mostly focusing on poor facilities and maintenance, or wrongful service costs, according to the organisation’s 2019 annual report. Most complaints (1,656) were made by people living in Amsterdam, followed by Rotterdam and The Hague. Complaints were ruled justified in 43% of cases, down from 57% in 2018. The decrease is down to complaints about rent rises – in 2019, 90% of complaints about the annual rent increase failed. At the... More >

New controls for rentals and starter homes

The government has announced new housing controls to try to ensure homes are more affordable for renters and new buyers. The maximum price rise that landlords can ask for rental homes in the ‘free’ market has been limited to 2.5% plus inflation. The same kinds of controls on increases are normal in the social housing sector. Local councils will also have new powers to reserve homes in certain neighbourhoods for first time buyers and those on an average income, by... More >

Eindhoven draws up rules for flat sharing

Eindhoven has become the latest Dutch city to introduce measures to tackle flat-sharing and stop illegal rentals. ‘We want Eindhoven to offer enough of a variety in housing to meet everyone’s needs,’ said housing alderman Yasin Torunoglu. ‘But we also want to keep a balance and ensure the atmosphere remains pleasant for everyone.’ Landlords who have already illegally divided their properties into smaller flats and bedsits and who rent out shared properties are being given a year to apply for... More >

The 'average' million euro Dutch homes

The number of million-euro homes in the Netherlands rose last year by more than a fifth to 65,000, according to property researcher Calcasa. Although half are detached houses in leafy areas of the Netherlands, prices rose so much in 2019 that Calcasa created a new category of ‘ordinary’ million-euro houses – built after World War II and smaller than 200 sq m. Many of these houses are in Amsterdam, with 100 in the Prinses Irenebuurt. There, for example, 84% of... More >