Friday 27 January 2023

New build for older people could get house market moving: NVM

New build for older people could get house market moving: NVM

Not enough housing is being built with the needs of ‘downsizing’ older people in mind, says the NVM estate agents association. A study of 140,000 house moves by its statistical arm Brainbay found that older people from 60 to 75 tend to move to a home that is €65,000 cheaper, cashing in some of the value for their old age. A fifth also relocated to more than 50 km away, possibly to return to their home region or be nearer... More >

Commercial property values 'implode': FD

The value of commercial property dropped by up to 30% at the end of last year and the volume of property investment fell by 44%, reports the Financieele Dagblad. Meanwhile, private landlords and investors in housing stock told the NRC that new tax measures plus an upcoming increase in rent price protection will make some property investments unprofitable. The developments are signs that the global economy, increased borrowing rates and Dutch legislation are having a profound effect on the formerly... More >

Local councils house more refugees

Dutch local authorities found housing for 17,000 refugees with residency permits in the second half of last year – some 4,000 more than planned, the Volkskrant reported on Thursday. Most areas were below target up to the summer months but caught up in the second half of the year, the paper said. There are now 16,160 people living in refugee centres who are waiting for a home, well down on the year high of nearly 17,600 reached in October, according... More >