Thursday 23 September 2021

Housing rent rises hit 70 year low

This year’s rent increase round was the most modest since 1960, with social housing tenants paying just 0.3% more, according to new figures from national statistics office CBS. In the non-rent controlled sector, rents for existing and new contracts rose by an average of 2.2%, the CBS said. The limited rise follows a government decision to freeze social housing rents and to limit free sector rent rises to inflation plus 1%, or 2.4% in total, for the next three years.... More >

Private investors to face ban: NOS

Most local councils will be banning private investors from buying up cheap and mid-priced homes in certain areas of their cities when a new rule comes into effect next year, a NOS survey among ten local councils shows. A third of all houses sold in the four big cities last year ended up in the hands of developers, prompting first-time buyers to take greater financial risks or preventing them to get onto the housing ladder at all. The financial markets... More >

Student housing shortage to double: report

The waiting list for student accommodation will more than double in the next two years, a report by housing monitor Kences has said. Some 22,000 students were unable for find a room in the last academic year and this is set to rise to at least 50,000 in 2024-2025, Kences warned. Some 18,000 new accommodation units have been planned until then. ‘Only if these are actually built can the number be limited to 50,000,’ Kences director Jolan de Bie told... More >

House price rise a new record in July

House price growth has set more new records, with the amount paid rising by 16.3% year-on-year. The CBS Dutch statistics office and Kadaster land registry report that in July, houses were almost a sixth more expensive than in July last year, the largest spike since October 2000. In order to get a house in the overheated market, buyers are often having to overbid by more than €50,000, the estate agents association NVM told NOS broadcaster. Although NVM chairman Onno Hoes... More >

The Netherlands has 8 million homes

The Netherlands now has at least eight million homes, with the total increasing by one million since 2005, national statistics office CBS said on Thursday. The national housing stock increased by 39,000 units in the first six months of this year, including both new build and empty office conversions. Amsterdam tops the league in adding to its housing supply, with over 4,000 new homes. Given the population is now around 17.4 million, that means there are 2.2 residents for each... More >