Tuesday 23 July 2019

Lieveheersbeestje tops ranking of most difficult words for young newcomers

Lieveheersbeestje tops ranking of most difficult words for young newcomers

Lieveheersbeestje (ladybird) is the most difficult word for children who do not speak Dutch as their mother tongue, according to a group of young newcomers questioned by the children’s charity Stichting Kinderpostzegel. The foundation asked 200 children aged four to 13 who are attending the Internationale Taalklaas language school for new arrrivals in Haarlem what words they found most difficult. Children at some 300 other language schools were then asked to rank the 10 words to create the final list,... More >

Requests for Islamic middle school refused

All 10 requests to open new Islamic secondary schools last year were reportedly turned down, according to figures from education body DUO. The NOS broadcaster says that the requests all came from four cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and they were refused because the applicants could not fulfil norms to show they would receive enough pupils. There is a legal minimum of 732 pupils to receive public funding for a school, and inspectors apparently judged whether the potential... More >

Leaked film sparks probe at Islamic school

Education inspectors have launched another investigation at Amsterdam’s only Islamic secondary school amid claims that a pupil was suspended for allegedly filming teachers in class. Two weeks ago a film was leaked to Het Parool in which a teacher at the Cornelis Haga Lyceum was seen showing a speech by a Salafist preacher, Fouad el Bouch, to children. El Bouch is one of a number of religious figures who was implicated in a recent report by the security service AIVD... More >

Primary school exam training under fire

Education minister Arie Slob wants primary school pupils to take their year 8 exams earlier in the spring term, in an effort to improve equality of opportunity. Currently teachers give parents their recommendations about what sort of secondary school children should go to in late February and the school leaving tests – which can lead teachers to reconsider – take place in April. But the time gap between the first recommendation and the final one is increasingly being used by... More >