Friday 23 April 2021

Blood clots, low platelet count are possible Janssen vaccine side effects, EMA says

Blood clots, low platelet count are possible Janssen vaccine side effects, EMA says

The Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency has acknowledged that thrombosis and a lower number of blood platelets may be a very rare side effect of the Janssen coronavirus vaccine and say they should be mentioned in the official product information. However, the EMA said at a news conference on Tuesday, the advantages offered by the vaccine, which is single dose, outweigh the disadvantages. ‘The benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh the risks for people who receive it,’ the EMA said.... More >

Dutch lose pulse fishing case

The EU’s highest court has rejected a Dutch appeal to overturn a ban on pulse fishing. The Netherlands brought a complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union in 2019, after the EU parliament outlawed the practice of sending a current of electricity through sections of the sea bed, partially stunning sole and plaice and forcing some into the net. Judges found that the parliament has wide discretion to regulate the fishing industry and is not obliged to... More >

Dutch meat industry cause of deforestation

The use of soy in feed for the Dutch livestock industry make the Netherlands the number one European contributor to the destruction of tropical forest, a new report by conservation group WWF says. The organisation said that some 18 square metres of tropical rainforest per head of the Dutch population disappeared between 2007 and 2015, the period covered by the report, compared to an average of five square metres in other European countries. Soy cultivation alone destroys some five million... More >

Brits in NL watch as UK opens up again

As the Dutch government decides not to reopen pavement cafes, and British pubs do open their doors again, the contrast between the European and UK approaches to the coronavirus crisis could not be clearer. ‘It’s frustrating as a Brit in the Netherlands to watch the UK plow ahead while it seems to be standing still here,’ says Rhian McNeff, a British horticultural company manager based in Utrecht. She points out that her boss’s 82-year old Dutch mother has still not... More >