Saturday 19 June 2021

EU finalises coronavirus app travel

EU member states have reached agreement on how to organise cross border travel this summer and have decided people who have been fully vaccinated won’t have to take a coronavirus test or go into quarantine. The 27 member states, including the Netherlands, backed a European Commission proposal which clears the way for free travel for people who have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks. The Netherlands had called for a shorter period. From July 1, travellers will be... More >

'Butcher of Bosnia' conviction upheld

A UN tribunal has upheld the conviction of Ratko Mladic, exhausting all possible appeals for the man known as ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’ for his role in the massacre of Srebrenica. ‘Mr Mladic has failed to demonstrate that the trial chamber has committed any error,’ the presiding judge said, via a poor quality video connection. The former Bosnian Serb leader was convicted by The Hague based International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 2017 on 10 counts of war... More >

More countries join Covid yellow risk list

  The foreign affairs ministry is set to downgrade the coronavirus risk in Germany, Austria and large parts of Italy from amber to yellow – clearing the way for people to holiday in more foreign destinations, the Telegraaf said on Tuesday. The ministry is due to publish its new risk warnings this week, and several changes are in the pipeline, sources told the paper. Code yellow means that non essential trips are sanctioned and that people do not have to... More >

Dutch support G7 tax haven plan

The Netherlands supports the G7’s new proposals for tackling tax avoidance which, according to junior finance minister Hans Vijlbrief are in line with many measures that the Netherlands has recently taken. The landmark deal, agreed on Saturday, aims to reduce the incentives for large companies to move their profits to tax havens and ensure they pay more tax. The G7 countries also agreed to back a minimum global corporate tax rate of at least 15%. US treasury secretary Janet Yellen... More >

Dutch foundation sues TikTok

A Dutch foundation representing parents from around Europe is suing Chinese owned video platform TikTok for failing to protect the safety of children and breaching European advertising and privacy rules . Some 64,000 parents have registered claims with non-profit market information foundation SOMI to a combined amount of €1.4bn. SOMI maintains that the platform is failing to protect children from taking part in dangerous challenges. An Italian judge recently ruled TikTok must block users who have not confirmed they are... More >

Romanians found in dire housing in Limburg

Over 50 Romanian nationals were found living and working under ‘inhuman circumstances’ on a farm in Linne in Limburg last week but the group have since disappeared, after the owner was ordered to find them new accommodation. A check by Maasgouw local council, the police, and the social affairs inspectorate found the men, who were employed to harvest asparagus, in a ‘crowded and filthy house without fire safety measures and barricaded doors and windows’. ‘I have seldom seen such inhuman... More >