Saturday 27 November 2021

EU body urges booster shots for over-18s

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is recommending an additional coronavirus vaccine dose for everyone over the age of 18. In the Netherlands, people born in 1939 now eligible to make an appointment for a booster shot and current strategy for additional doses is confined to the over 60s, those in residential care, and people with vulnerable health issues. The ECDC has already raised concerns about the high number of cases in nine EU countries, including the Netherlands... More >

Inspectors call for new exploitation law

Social affairs ministry inspectors have urged the government to change the rules covering the exploitation of seasonal and other workers so it is easier to take cases to court. At the moment, failing to pay minimum wage rates and working in unsafe conditions is treated as a form of human trafficking, and that makes it harder to prosecute, the inspectors say. ‘Prosecution is not possible in serious cases even though the crime would merit it,’ the inspectors’ report states. The... More >

Dutch reporter leaves Greece over threats

Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel is leaving her home in Greece because of threats to her life after calling out Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis about refugee pushbacks in the Aegean Sea at a press conference earlier this month. Beugel asked Mitsotakis when he would ‘stop lying’ about the pushbacks, to which a visibly angry Mitsotakis responded: ‘Look, you will not come into this building and insult me. Am I very clear on this?’ Beugel, who has lived in Greece for... More >

Aid workers' trial on Lesbos postponed

The Greek trial of 24 aid workers accused of people trafficking, spying and membership of a criminal organisation has has been postponed because the court does not consider itself competent to deal with the case. It is not clear if a higher tribunal will take over the case or when the trial will take place. Retired Duch banker and aid worker Pieter Wittenberg, who had travelled to Lesbos to be present at his trial, said he was very disappointed at... More >