Wednesday 20 November 2019

MPs back Dutch in UK dual nationality

MPs on Tuesday voted in favour of giving tens of thousands of Dutch nationals in the UK the right to dual nationality if Britain crashes out of Europe. The law will make it possible for Dutch nationals living in Britain to apply for dual nationality without giving up their Dutch passports, in some cases. For example, the legislation will only come into effect in the case of a no deal Brexit. And to qualify people must have been living in... More >

Minister under fire over Iraq bomb deaths

Defense minister Ank Bijleveld survived a no-confidence motion in parliament on Tuesday after apologising to MPs for the fact they had not been told a Dutch bomb had led to 70 civilian deaths in Iraq in 2015. Bijleveld’s predecessor Jeanine Hennis had told MPs that Dutch jets were not involved in the attack on a bomb factory which lead to the deaths, and that ‘should not have been the case’, the minister said. The no-confidence vote was backed by almost... More >

Retailers want national ban on begging

Retailers organisation Detailhandel Nederland wants a national ban on begging  to discourage organised begging gangs from Eastern Europe, Trouw reported on Tuesday. The organisation, which represents some 100,000 retailers, said that around 29 local councils have implemented a ban, among which Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen but that the problem can only be solved on a national level. People caught begging in public places can be fined and sent away but if big cities, such as Utrecht, don’t impose... More >

'Iraq won't put Dutch jihadis on trial'

Iraq is not prepared to put Dutch jihadis who fought with IS on trial, foreign minister Mohamed Ali Alhakim has told the NRC. ‘We take responsibility for our own citizens, their wives and children,’ the minister told the paper. European countries such as the Netherlands, he said, should take responsibility for their own nationals. ‘That is what we advise these countries,’ he said. The minister also pointed out that Iraq is not allowed to try people for offences committed in... More >