Friday 22 January 2021

Inflation drops to 1.3% last year

The rate of inflation in the Netherlands averaged 1.3% last year but still remains one of the highest in the EU, national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday. The consumer price index halved last year when compared with 2019, when the rise in value added tax on food and entertainment pushed the figure up to 2.6%. In addition, energy prices and the cost of fuel were down sharply in 2020 and average household energy bills fell by some 12%, the... More >

Dutch border police turn away 30 Brits

Dutch border police say they have turned away slightly more than 30 British nationals who were trying to enter the Netherlands for ‘non essential’ reasons since the start of 2021. Since January 1, the UK is no longer considered an EU country and its nationals are barred from visiting the Netherlands unless their journey is essential, because of coronavirus rules. The Dutch rules bar all non-residents from outside the EU who come from a high-risk country and who do not... More >

'Dutch interests protected in Brexit deal'

Dutch interests are well taken care of in the new trade deal agreed between the European Union and Britain, foreign affairs minister Stef Blok has told MPs in a briefing. The deal which has been agreed is the best which was possible given the circumstances, Blok said. In particular, he said he is pleased about agreements on ensuring a level playing field, the rules on state aid to companies and on the environment, workers rights and taxation. Nevertheless, he said,... More >

'News of Brexit deal is excellent': Rutte

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has described news of an exit deal between the EU and Britain as ‘excellent’ and says that he will now study it in detail. ‘Excellent news that an agreement on a new EU-UK partnership has been reached after tough negotiations,’ Rutte said on Twitter. ‘This is of great importance to us all. We will now study it carefully. My compliments to @MichelBarnier and @vonderleyen for their tireless efforts.’ European diplomats will be briefed by chief... More >