Thursday 08 December 2022

Austria to reject Bulgaria, Romania's Schengen hopes

Austria to reject Bulgaria, Romania's Schengen hopes

Austria said on Thursday it would veto EU members Romania and Bulgaria joining the passport-free Schengen area, further escalating tensions after the Netherlands said it would reject Bulgaria’s accession. Austria’s interior minister Gerhard Karner said he would oppose Romanian and Bulgarian membership because, he said, ‘it is wrong that a system that does not work in many places should be enlarged,’ news agency AFP reported. The Netherlands said last week it would reject Bulgaria’s application to join the block because of corruption... More >

'Migrant worker abuse not worthy of NL'

Social affairs minister Karien van Gennip has pledged to take action to improve the housing and working conditions of people coming to the Netherlands from the rest of the EU to do manual labour in agriculture, slaughterhouses and distribution centres. The current situation is ‘not worthy of the Netherlands’, Van Gennip said during a debate on her ministry’s budget this week. In particular, she said, the ‘value of labour’ must increase. If that means higher prices for products, so be... More >

Ubo register should not public: EU court

The Dutch finance ministry has told the Chamber of Commerce to close off a register which allows people to find out who owns companies to outsiders, following a European court ruling. The Ubo register holds information about who the ‘ultimate beneficial owner’ of a company or trust is, but family firms and shareholders have campaigned against having an open system because of the privacy implications. On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice said the registers should be closed to the... More >

Rutte meets Nato leaders to discuss Poland

While Poland is still trying to determine who is responsible for the two deaths in a Polish village on Tuesday, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has said that it is ‘quite clear’ the incident would never have happened without the ‘terrible rocket attacks’ on Ukraine. Rutte and other world leaders discussed the situation in Poland during the final day of the G20 summit in Bali on Wednesday morning. ‘We are united in our message that we first need to establish... More >