Tuesday 20 August 2019

Number of stowaways may grow post-Brexit

The number of stowaways on lorries to Britain may increase after Brexit, transport and logistics organisation TLN fears. Expected longer waiting times at the border will give illegal immigrants more opportunities to board the lorries, TLN spokesman Martin Vonk told the Nederlands Dagblad. ‘There is a special Brexit consultation with the government and businesses in which we discuss solutions, such as more safe places to park around the ferry terminals,’ Vonk said. The fact that there is still no hard... More >

Rotterdam woman on Turkish terror charges

A Rotterdam woman who was arrested during a holiday in Turkey on suspicion of being a member of the banned Kurdish PKK group has been released from jail but refused permission to leave the country. The woman, 31, who was travelling with her baby, was arrested on 5 April at Istanbul airport when she was on her way home. She has been held in custody since then. The next sitting will take place in October. If found guilty, she could... More >

'British Brexit approach was Dad's Army'

Dutch EU vice president Frans Timmermans has told the BBC British ministers were ‘running around like idiots’ when they first arrived in Brussels to negotiate Brexit in 2017 and that they were shockingly unprepared. ‘We thought they are so brilliant,’ Timmermans told the Panorama programme, in an interview recorded in March. ‘That in some vault somewhere in Westminster there will be a Harry Potter-like book with all the tricks and all the things in it to do.’ However after seeing... More >

Ukraine says it has jailed MH17 suspect

Ukrainian security service officials say the man who organised the truck for the Russian Buk which shot down fight MH17 five years ago has been arrested and jailed. Vitaliy Mayakov, an official with the SBU secret service, told a news conference on Wednesday that the man had been identified and arrested on the basis of video and phone evidence. ‘Thanks to this video and this phone, we established the person who owns the trailer, identified the person from among militants... More >