Saturday 17 August 2019

Dutch teen faces four years in Spanish prison for alleged sexual assault

Statue of justice.


The Spanish public prosecutor is demanding a four-year jail sentence and a one year supervision order for a 17-year-old Dutch teenager accused of sexually assaulting two British girls, public broadcaster NOS reports.

Charly T, who has been in a Spanish prison for the last five months, allegedly molested the girls, aged 12 and 14, when they met at the pool of a holiday resort on the Costa del Sol on the morning both he and the girls were leaving.

The three of them finished a bottle of vodka between them after which they engaged in sexual activity. Shortly after, the youth was arrested for sexually assaulting two minors using violence and intimidation, NOS reports.

NOS says there were no witnesses to the alleged events and police did not carry out a search. Minute amounts of the youth’s dna were found on the 12-year-old’s thigh. NOS has footage in which the inebriated girls are making a statement to police with only the 12 year-old directly accusing T.


PrisonLaw, an organisation which supports prisoners abroad said a conviction resulting from a trial, for which no date has been set, would be unsafe because there were no official interpreters present during the police investigation, and questions were not translated correctly from Spanish into English during a court hearing.

This ‘distorts the facts and has serious consequences for the defence’, the organisation claims.

‘This is about a minor on holiday who went on a date. The youngest girl liked Charly but he was not interested in her. In the end, it was she who accused him. The strange thing is that neither girl remembers anything,’ PrisonLaw lawyer Rachel Imamkhan told NOS.


MPs have urged foreign affairs minister Stef Blok to try to transfer the youth to the Netherlands. ‘It is an injustice for a minor to spend five months in a prison without a trial date in sight,’ CDA MP Martijn van Helvert told the broadcaster.

Some 1,350 Dutch people end up in prisons abroad every year, of whom 200 are in Spain. Charly T is the only minor to be held in a Spanish cell, according to figures from the foreign ministry.

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