Waylon moves through to Eurovision final with ‘Outlaw In Em’

Photo: Andres Putting / Eurovision

Dutch singer Waylon, who came second in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 as part of the Common Linnets, has qualified for the final in this year’s event as well.

Waylon’s song, Outlaw in Em, is a country rock number featuring Waylon on guitar and four dancers acting as a backing band.  His performance on Thursday night was enough to ensure Waylon will take part in Saturday’s final in Lisbon.

Waylon was the last of the 10 finalists to be named. ‘Not good for my heart, but boy are we pleased,’ the singer said afterwards.

The Common Linnet’s Calm after the Storm was the best Dutch performance at Eurovision since 1975, when Teach In won with Ding a Dong.