Dutch bye bye Facebook campaign leads 10,000 to say farewell

Facebook app on mobile phone

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Some 10,000 Dutch people have closed their Facebook accounts following a call to action by television show host Arjen Lubach, news website Nu.nl said on Thursday.

Lubach, who presents the Zondag met Lubach programme, had urged viewers to take part in a mass closure event on Wednesday evening in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Of the 30,000 people who signed up, Nu.nl estimates 10,000 actually shut down their Facebook accounts. The news site bases its claim on checks made on 8,200 of the accounts which were registered for the event.

Lubach said that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is unlikely to be affected by the closures.’That does not matter,’ he said. ‘Discussion has started and that is what this is about. And I do appreciate the fact so many people were prepared to join in.’

There are some 9.7 million Facebook users in the Netherlands