Holidaymakers head for the alps, but Siberian temperatures are set to hit NL

Will the ice be thick enough to skate on? Photo:

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to head for the alpine ski resorts or warmer climes on Friday and over the weekend, as the half term holidays start in the central and northern school districts.

The ANWB motoring organisation expects 450,000 people to head for the snow, making this the busiest weekend of the winter season. Motorists are being urged to take blankets and plenty of food in their cars and to wrap up warm on the ski slopes, as Siberian winds move over Europe.

According to the Telegraaf, the wind chill factor in the alps could take the temperatures to as low as -30 degrees in exposed areas.

In the Netherlands itself, this weekend will be sunny everywhere, but chilly with night frosts. Next week, it is likely to remain below zero all day with temperatures as low as -10 degrees at night. And according to the KNMI’s long-range forecast, the freezing temperatures could continue well into March.

Friesland has already banned boating on some of the provinces lakes and rivers in an effort to help the ice grow.