Volleyball coach jailed for two months for secretly filming teenage girls

Photo: Depositphotos.com

A 28-year-old volleyball coach from Berlicum near Den Bosch has been jailed for eight months, six suspended, for filming teenage players while they were getting changed and for the sexual abuse of a minor. He was also given 150 hours of community service.

Vincent M was arrested last May after a 14-year-old girl caught him trying to film under the door of the changing room she was using and went to the police.

Judges in Den Bosch said M had abused the trust of his young victims. He has already agreed with a sports arbitration board not to coach volleyball for the next 10 years.

Last March, the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF set up a committee to investigate cases of sexual abuse within sport.The NOC*NSF was prompted to act after hundreds of footballers came forward in Britain to talk about being abused by trainers.