A few euros more – most workers will benefit from tax cuts this year

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Most workers in the Netherlands will get a few more euros paid into their bank accounts this month because of changes to the tax system and other work-related premiums, according to salary processing firm ADP.

People earning upwards of €56,000 a year, or twice the average pay, will have some €16 more a month to spend. People on average incomes or the minimum wage will earn some €7 more a month, ADP said.

However, people earning €1,000 to €1,500 a month – mainly part-timers and youngsters on minimum youth wages – will take home a couple of euros less a month. This they will be able to claim back via their annual tax return, ADP said.

Pensioners with a private pension scheme on top of their state AOW lose most. This is because they have to pay higher health insurance premiums, which people in work get paid by their employer.

The increase in health insurance contributions will also have an impact on self-employed people’s income.