Google’s top trending topics in the Netherlands this year include a pangolin and Paypal

Murder victim Anne Faber was one of the biggest trending topics on Google in the Netherlands this year, the search engine operator said on Wednesday.

The disappearance of the 25-year-old while on a cycle ride at the end of September captured the public’s imagination and every twist of the case was followed until her body was found two weeks later and a suspect arrested.

Other popular searches include the Stemwijzer voting aid ahead of the elections, celebrity Patricia Paay, who was involved in a sex film scandal, and Abedelhak Nouri, the Ajax football player felled by a heart attack.

The Dutch also used Google a lot to find out what Pentecost (Pinksteren) and a pangolin are and how to use Paypal and Instagram.

The most important sportsman was Max Verstappen while Dutch football international Lieke Martens was the most googled member of Oranje’s European champions. Geert Wilders headed the list of trending politicians.

The lists is based on search terms that had a high spike in traffic in 2017 as compared to 2016, Google said.