Stedelijk Museum director quits over private business interests

The director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has resigned with immediate effect following the publication of news articles about her private commercial interests.

Beatrix Ruf is standing down ‘in the interests of the museum, given the recent media speculation, which could have an impact on the museum’s reputation,’ the museum said in a statement.

Earlier this month, the NRC reported that Rus is owner of an art consultancy in addition to her job as director of the city’s modern art museum. The consultancy advised private individuals and companies about lending art to the museum itself.

In 2015, the consultancy made net profit of €430,000, raising questions about how much time she was able to devote to her company in addition to doing her job at the museum, the paper said.

The museum is carrying out its own research into Ruf’s performance in her two years at the museum, the statement said.