Self-employed most satisfied with their jobs, temps least, says CBS


Of all those employed in the Netherlands, the self-employed are the happiest with their work, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Workers on permanent contracts come in second in terms of job satisfaction, those on flexible contracts were next while people working for temps agencies are the least pleased with their work, the CBS said.

In 2016 a full 81% of the self-employed were satisfied at work but only 66% of temps were happy in their jobs. The least satisfied temps were those who had failed to find a permanent position.

Roughly 1.8 million people had flexible contracts in 2016, about the same number as those termed independent contractors or ZZP’ers. Just under 280,000 people worked at temps agencies. The majority of the Dutch workforce – nearly 5.2 million – had a permanent job, the CBS said.