‘Flevoland best for Hyperloop test track’ says transport minister

Artist’s impression of the test facility. Source: Hardt Hyperloop

The central Dutch province of Flevoland has been selected as the best location for a Hyperloop transport test track in the Netherlands, caretaker environment minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen told parliament.

The projected Hyperloop is being developed by Hardt, a Dutch combine, as well as several other international engineering groups who are seeking a location for a test track. The Hyperloop is planned to move passengers and cargo at speeds of up to 1,200 kph through a vacuum tube.

Schultz compiled a report on the viability of the project which said Vogelweg between Almere and Lelystad is the best location for the five-kilometre-long test track. Her report also suggested that a link between Schiphol airport near Amsterdam and Lelystad airport 57 kilometres away would be the ideal first commercial route for the futuristic project.