World Economic Forum: Netherlands is 4th most competitive nation

The Netherlands is ranked 4th on the World Economic Forum‘s list of the 138 most competitive countries, behind Switzerland, the United States and Singapore.

Part of the success of the Netherlands was due to its government’s strong policies  Erasmus university professor Henk Volberda, who collected the data for the report, told the Financieele Dagblad. In particular, the Netherlands is singled out for its excellent infrastructure, a well-functioning government and institutions and comparatively high-quality health care.

In addition, regionaL hotspots –  Eindhoven, Twente and Amsterdam – are developing world-class innovative ecosystems,  Volberda said.

The Netherlands is ranked number five on another leading list of competitiveness published by Swiss business school IMD. Hongkong was rated number one of the IMD list published in May, followed by Switzerland, Singapore and the United States.