New Dutch cabinet-in-the-making not popular with voters

The formation party leaders meet with chief negotiator Gerrit Zalm. Photo: Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal

The planned coalition between the right-wing VVD, the liberal democratic party D66, the conservative Christian Democrats and minor Christian party CU is not a popular combination with voters, according to an Ipsos poll for broadcaster NOS.

Just one in four support the combination, one third of voters are negative and the rest don’t know, the poll found. Three in 10 people told Ipsos they do not think the CU, which has fundamentalist Christian views, should be part of the next government.

Asked what parties they would prefer to see in government, 21% said the left-wing greens GroenLinks and 19% the anti-Islam PVV. GroenLinks was initially involved in the coalition talks but dropped out because of differences over migration and refugee strategy.

The PVV has not had a role at the negotiating table because of the party’s refusal to take back anti-Moroccan comments.


Top of the priority list for the new cabinet in this poll is healthcare, backed by 69%. Education comes a distant second with 32% support followed by public safety (29%), pensioner spending power (26%) and immigration and asylum (25%).

An earlier EenVandaag poll shows that voters want the new cabinet to make serious work of the environment and climate change, alongside the health service, which tops the list, and education.

Immigration and integration don’t feature on the top 10 list of concerns, terrorism is an issue for 28% and the Dutch identity is a priority for just one in five people.