Dutch primary school teachers to go on strike on October 5

Primary school teachers in the Netherlands are planning to go on strike for a full day on October 5 in support of their claim for higher pay.

The strike, organised by the two main teaching unions AOB and CNV, will go ahead unless the outgoing or incoming governments make it clear that they have allocated at least €900m to increase salaries and €500m to reduce pressure on teachers.

Primary school teachers say they are paid well below their colleagues at secondary schools and peers educated to the same level. ‘We are not looking for golden toilets or expensive cars,’ said spokesman Jan van de Ven. ‘We just want what is reasonable, and what is necessary.’

According to the AD, more than half of school boards support the strike, with just 10% prepared to ban teachers from taking industrial action.

Prime minister Mark Rutte has pledged more money for primary schools but has not yet said how much.