Amsterdam campsite warns Airbnb fugitives to stay away

Don’t you have homes to go to? Photo:

A campsite in Amsterdam has banned city residents who swap their homes for a tent in summer as they seek to cash in on the Airbnb boom.

Demand for holiday accommodation in the city has reached the point where some enterprising homeowners are making money by renting out their properties and relocating to a campsite.

A spokesman for Camping Zeeburg, in Amsterdam, told the Telegraaf: ‘We know there is a housing shortage in the city, but we are set up for tourists.

‘Residents from the city who come for other reasons, for example because they need somewhere to stay when they are going through divorce, or students who can’t find somewhere to live, don’t belong here.

‘The average visitor stays here two to four days. If someone gets up every morning and goes to work they quickly get spotted. In those cases we go and have a word with them.’