Off their trolleys? Schiphol brings in ‘light luggage’ queues to speed up security

Photo: Schiphol airport

Schiphol airport is to introduce ‘no trolley’ queues at its security gates this summer in a bid to bring down waiting times.

Passengers who travel with little or no hand luggage will be given priority going through security over those with trolley bags, which take longer to check.

The move is part of a pan-European experiment to try to reduce the time it takes to get to the departure lounge. Schiphol said it was also considering separate queues for groups and families.

With the start of the peak season less than two weeks away, the airport wants to avoid a repeat of the long queues that built up during the May school holiday.

Further details are expected to be published this week of which passengers will be eligible for the fast-track queues so that holidaymakers can plan accordingly.