Dutch terror threat remains ‘substantial’ despite recent wave of attacks

Photo: Depositphotos.com

The terrorist threat risk in the Netherlands remains ‘substantial’ and will not be increased despite the attacks and attempted attacks in Europe over the past few months, the Dutch counter-terrorism unit NCTV said on Friday.

The terror threat in the Netherlands is currently at level four, the second highest possible, and has been so for several years. This means that there is a real risk of an attack but no concrete indications that one is being planned.

This year so far, 45 people have been killed in 10 jihad-motivated attacks in Europe. Four took place in France and three in the UK.

The NCTV also said in its latest report that the majority of Dutch jihadis have not gone over to violence but that this may change if hardened fighters return from Syria and Iraq.

Last year officials were aware of five returnees, this year just one so far. In total, 50 people have returned from abroad but most came back several years ago. Those considered dangerous are kept under supervision.

Some 190 Dutch nationals are thought to be living in Iraq and Syria, a total which has remained stable for some time. Some 45 have been killed.