Nice little earner? Supervisory board jobs pay €20,000 on average

The average annual pay for a supervisory board member at a limited liability company in the Netherlands is only €20,000 a year, the Dutch association of executive and non-executive directors NCD said in a report published on Friday.

And take-home pay for being a non-executive board member of a public sector company falls to an average €9,000 a year, the NCD said. The figures were taken from the annual survey of NCD’s 1,500 members.

Across all its members, average pay in the private sector is around €14,000, the NCD said. Given a supervisory board member puts an average of 200 hours a year into the job, the average hourly pay is just over €70.

Rates do vary widely because of a number of factors including sector, extra duties and the size of the company. However, those non-executive board members in the public sector rarely get more than €35 an hour, the NCD said.

The NCD warned the sometimes ‘excessive’ fees earned by a few supervisory board directors were all related to companies listed on the stock exchange.