King’s Day set to be chilly and wet, but there may be some sun

We probably won’t need these on King’s Day. Photo:

The annual May holidays, which actually start on Monday, are set to be the coldest on record, website Weerplaza said on Friday.

The chilly weather predicted for the last week of April means temperatures are set to average between seven and 7.5 degrees Celsius, well below the previous record of an average 8.7 degrees booked in 2010.

Rain is also likely on some days, including on King’s Day which is celebrated on April 27, weather forecasters say. The KNMI, for example, says there is a 90% chance of rain on King’s Day, but there is also a 70% chance of some sun.

The KNMI long-range forecast says the chilly weather with sunny spells and showers will continue well into May.