Government agrees older workers can claim benefits for three years after all

Older workers are to get jobless benefits for three years after all, acting social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher has told parliament.

Employers and unions have agreed to back the change, which overturns cuts planned by the outgoing government. The u-turn is likely to get formal approval in June, the Volkskrant said on Thursday.

The extra year’s jobless benefit (ww) will be paid for out of a new fund which will cost workers a maximum 0.2% of the gross salary – some €70 a year for people on average salaries.

The outgoing government agreed when it came into power in 2012 to reduce unemployment benefit from three to a maximum of two years. However it left the window open for change, if unions and employers agreed.

Although the longer period applies to all workers in principle, only older people are likely to qualify because the length of time people can claim ww depends on how long they have been working.