Dutch cabinet talks are tricky but making progress, D66 leader says

The Dutch parliamentary complex in The Hague. Photo: DutchNews.nl

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold told reporters on Thursday he expects the talks on forming a new coalition government will continue after next week’s break.

‘That’s my intention,’ Pechtold said. ‘If others think differently, then I would like to know about it.’

D66, the VVD, the Christian Democrats and left-wing greens GroenLinks have been meeting this week for a fourth week of discussions on a potential new cabinet.

Pechtold said that advances are being made on a daily basis. ‘It is not easy, but the cabinet could become a reality,’ he said. VVD leader and prime minister Mark Rutte said on Wednesday he also expected the talks to continue.

Chief negotiator Edith Schippers is expected to make a statement on progress so far later today.