Parties form pact to tackle inappropriate sexual behaviour

The plan includes guidelines for teachers. Photo:

Six political parties have signed up to a manifesto aimed at highlighting and combating inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The plan, drawn up by research organisationĀ Rutgers, includes proposals for schools to teach teenagers about sexual boundaries and how to express their wishes. It says teachers are often unsure about explaining how to deal with inappropriate behaviour.

Labour (PvdA), D66, the Socialist Party, 50Plus, GroenLinks and the animal rights party PvdD have all backed the plans, which would require several ministries to work together. Six-monthly progress reports would be commissioned to ensure the plan stays on track.

A sexual health study by Rutgers found that 40% of women and 13% of men had experienced some form of unwanted sexual attention. The majority agreed that sexual intimidation was unacceptable, but around 20% of men and 7% of women believed it was exaggerated.