Dutch millers call for ban on sky lanterns because of fire risk

Sunset at Kinderdijk. Photo: Porcelaingirl via Wikimedia Commons

Millers living on the Kinderdijk windmill estate have called for a ban on sky lanterns because of the fire risk, broadcaster RTL Rijnmond said on Friday.

The foundation which runs Kinderdijk, a Unesco world heritage site, wants a ban on the lanterns close to windmills after a couple of near misses. In one case, a lantern became entangled in the sails of a mill.

Fifteen of the 19 18th century wooden mills at Kinderdijk are lived in permanently.

The fire brigade is also concerned about the use of sky lanterns and food and product safety board NVWA describes them as a ‘risk to the safety of the user and his surroundings’.

Weesp, which has a historic town centre, has already banned sky lanterns and there are also calls for a ban in Twente, website Nu.nl said.