Amsterdam police break open door to rescue a blow-up doll

Photo: Police Amsterdam Oost via Facebook

Photo: Police Amsterdam Oost via Facebook

Amsterdam police on Tuesday admitted they had smashed down a door of a flat in the east of the city to rescue a blow-up sex doll.

The police were alerted by neighbours who said they were concerned about the motionless woman at the window.

After observing the woman standing still in her underwear, police tried to get her attention. When she failed to respond to knocks and the doorbell, they broke open the door, taking with them a defibrillator in case she needed reviving.

Once inside, they realized their error. ‘It was a lifeless woman – made of plastic and filled with air,’ the police said on Facebook.

According to the Telegraaf, the police moved the doll away from the window to prevent more worried neighbours making reports. It is not clear where the owner of the doll was at the time, the paper said.