Dutch eat 47 Easter eggs each on average

Chocolate easter eggs

The Dutch love their little eggs. New research by the Hema shopping chain shows 86% of people have a massive appetite for chocolate Easter eggs and eat an average of 47 of them.

Fortunately, the eggs are as small as quail eggs, rather than the ostrich egg-sized monsters preferred by the British.

The AD reports on Wednesday that people in Overijssel have the largest appetites, consuming 59 Easter treats per person on average, followed by Groningen (55) and Friesland (54). Men are rather greedier than women, eating 53 eggs over the season, compared with 41. The majority of treats are eaten in the run-up to Easter weekend, and about a quarter during the actual Easter holiday.

Hema’s research also suggests that three in ten people take part in the traditional Easter egg hunt; 71% say they are fanatical about the quest and 42% sometimes cheat. (More men than women don’t play fair, apparently).

Meanwhile children prefer milk chocolate, students like white, and older people prefer the darker varieties. Two-thirds of people have also tried more exotic flavours such as milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt, extra dark and white chocolate with blackcurrants.

It isn’t known how many Dutch people cannily wait until the sales.